Monday, July 9, 2012

Malaysian 1st Beauty box Fabulous Finds lets you received beauty surprise at your doorstep!

*automatic wide smile when it comes to beauty products surprises*

Do you like receiving beauty surprise every month?

Well I DO! Hence I was pretty excited when I was received invitation to the Malaysia's first beauty box subscription launch a while ago! We have been waiting forever and we have heard enough of Bellabox from our neighbouring blogger friends in Singapore.

This sweet & friendly lady Hui Ling who is the Founder / CEO of Fabulous Finds Beauty Box shared that she has been a big fan of beauty products and she said she has products that can probably can last her 3 lifetime!

So with her passion on beauty products, she quit her job at the bank and started Fabulous Finds hoping to bring the best and latest beauty products to their subscribers!

Not only Hui Ling is passionate about Beauty, she is passionate about Community! More specifically, she is passionate about women's causes and believe in helping other women who are in less fortunate circumstances. Each Fabulous Finds beauty box will be lovingly packed by women from disadvantage backgrounds (single mothers, widowers, etc) and these income they get from packing goes towards supplementing their income to meet financial needs! Being a big supporter for enchancing women's welfare, I'm all for this! Whether it is big ir small contribution to the community, what matter most is that it does help these disadvantages women in some ways! *thumbs up*

Anyway I spotted some of beauty brands displaying their products at the event!

Yay my all time favourite brand Lunasol!

p/s: Hope more colours pretty colours will be out soon for their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection! They have too many similar colours shade for the few past recent collecions!

Beaubelle , a brand that is pretty new to me! I was told it's a local brand but products are made in Switzerland..something I looked forward to know what are they all about!

Their essential oil is something I really really like and will definitely check it out, the scent is so soothing and I feel good! And later I found out this is essential oil will boost my mood, no wonder that day I feel so happy like that!

Anyway there are no prizes for guessing these 2 brands mentioned above are in their beauty box!So me being me can't wait to unbox and reveal to you all what is in this July Beauty Box on the spot at the event & in fact I posted on the facebook immediately and received so many comments that people are so excited about it!

So if you haven't seen this in my facebook, well here it is! And remember JUST for this month you wil know what is in your FabulousFinds box and the rest coming month will remain surprise for you!

If you subscribe Fabulous Finds Beauty Box for RM35/month, you will be couriered a pink box every month at your doorstep. You will get 4 - 5 deluxe beauty samples from high-end and niche brands.

For July Fabulous Finds Beauty Box consists of deluxe samples of the following items:

(i) Crabtree & Evelyn: Iris Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy -25g
(ii)Beaubelle: CLARITY brightening cleansing exfoliator -15g
(iii) Beaubelle: GORGEOUS Multi Defence Protection Cream -15g
(iv)Benefit Cosmetics: The POREfessional -7.5ml
(v) Lunasol: Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (deluxe samples)
(vi) Burt’s Bees: Sensitive Daily Moisturising Cream -2.8g
(vii) Burt’s Bees: Cranberry & Promegranate Scrub -8.5ml
(viii) Burt’s Bees: Milk & Honey Body Lotion -7ml
(ix) Shu Uemura: Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil -4ml

My thoughts: Out of all the products, I guess everyone love seeing Crabtree & Evelyn travel size handcream like I do! And yes I have the chance to try out Beaubella products and Benefit POREfessional! As much I like the Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation (which I actually hit the pan back in January), the sample shade that was given was not my shade :( Unfortunately I am not a big fan of sachet sampling fans mainly because I don't think with a sachet can give me enough oomph to buy the product.

Overall I think this Fabulous Finds beauty is good for people who do not have an easy access to beauty counters (especially those not living in KL) and people who loves suprises! As much as I love beauty suprises at my doorstep every month for a reasonable amount, now I am pledged to finish off my current beauty stash hence I do not think I will be subscribing this yet! But at least I know there is a Malaysian beauty box if I would want to subscribe it any time!

And my readers/friends in facebook who saw this beauty box earlier has a little suggestion for Fabulous Finds, we love to see cosmetics products to be included in the future and to have more deluxe samples rather than sachet samples for the same reasons I mentioned above.

Fabulous Finds Beauty Box have two types of subscription:

(i) Monthly : RM35 per month, recurring payment. Cancellable anytime with 30 days notice

(ii) Annual : RM420 one time payment : Receive 1 free box. i.e. 12 months + 1 free box in 13th month. Transferrable to another party as gift.

For this debut Fabulous Finds July box, they have only 200 boxes available. Given that 20 have been presented to bloggers at their launch, 180 ( or less) are left for subscription to the public. Purchase of subscription can be made through their website at

The last date to purchase the July box is 14th of July 2012, whilst the boxes are still available. On the 15th of July 2012, the 180 boxes will be shipped out to their subscribers. So you gotta to be fast if you are interested!

Love the Essie colours nail polish which was given to me :)

p/s: Unfortunately the nail salon did such a bad job that the colour cracked & came off one day after that! Not the first time the salon did such a bad job on my nails, I think their nail base colour got problem!

On happy note, I have beautiful picture with Hui Ling & other beautiful ladies :)

While busy exploring Beaubelle at the event, we managed to snap a picture too!

Last but not least a group pictures with fellow blogger friends!

So if you love beauty suprises at your doorstep, you may want to consider subscribing Fabulous Finds Beauty Box . Check out for more information.


  1. maknanye kite kena bayar rm35 la tiap bulan klo nk benda ni? macam berminatla. sbb slalu baca dr oversea derg dpt mnde ni kan.

  2. cik chinta : yaya RM35 sebulan bayar, setiap bulan dapat surprise at doorstep, dia orang akan hantar sekotak beauty stuffs with 4-5 deluxe samples kat dalam, u tak akan tau until u receive!!!

    Streetlove : Haha who dont? Are you subscribing?

    ciksuzlin: price is reasonable also somemore pink packaging! hard to resist kan?

  3. haha.. in the group pict i look so lost.. LOL

  4. Ohmai. This is uhmazinggg!!! Selalu tengok dekat youtube dekat oversea je available. Now in malaysia. Memang kena subscribe! ;)

  5. im going to get mine !!!! yayyy ! thanks babe for sharing :) love chuuuu !!

  6. I am subscribing from August onwards. You?

  7. It is really popular in other States, just like MyGlam! YAY, finally some familiar programmes have introduced in our country!! :D RM35, NOT BAD!

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  8. The pink box is so cuteeee.. ^^
    You look lovely in red dress.. :D


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