Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Colourful Rainbow High Tea Party!

Remembered 2 weeks ago, I organised "Jessying High Tea Party" at My Bazaar, Scott Garden. It was really FUN FUN FUN. I am thankful for everyone who came for the party and I hope each of you enjoy yourself like I do! Now I know, planning a party is not easy...I took around 2 weeks (which includes many sleepless nights) to plan my tea party with the help of my friends to arrange a fun gathering for you fellow readers... and its all worth it when I looked back! I put the theme as Colourful Rainbow as it clearly describe how my life has became so colourful like rainbow after I started blogging and knowing good friends through blogging has been one of the most amazing things happened to me :)
The event main sponsor of my party is My Bazaar which is a weekly bazaar that is happening on every Saturday and Sunday at 1st Floor of The Scott Garden (at Old Klang road), KL. This bazaar consists of more than 30 booths that sell women apparels, accessories, bag, shoes, men apparels and shoes, handphone casing, contact lens, spectaculars, handmade watches, make-up products from USA, facial mask etc. Basically a perfect place for us girls especially to go shopping , you all need to check this place out!

Ellis & Sharon looking bright and helped me with the registration counter :) TQ my friends :D

Even it's a Sunday & family day, nevertheless Ju Li came to help and she brought along her 2 beautiful & cute children & they are the center of the attention in the party!

The two beautiful sisters, Nicole & Yi Wern who came early to support ..TQ dear:) They are so busy with Ju Li's children ...*motherhood kicking in*

Even kid also busy helping me to pump balloons for my party!

Some of the food provided by My Bazaar

Door gift sponsored by My Bazaar

Thank you to the kind & generous people in Loreal Malaysia to be one of the co-sponsor for my High Tea Party! Each bag consists of Maybelline products worth RM60 and even the NEW Clear & Smooth BB Stick with SPF21PA+++ was included in the bag for the games winners to try!

Thank you Connie for that !

She has been one of the most friendliest & understanding PR person I have ever dealed with :D

Not forgetting prizes that are prepared by me! There are prizes for Best Dressed, Lucky Draws & Games too!

Caroline & Sher Lynn managed to smile for camera before continue enjoying the food!

Ellis & Sharon , Yi Wern & Shannon all looking cheerful & ready to join the first game!

The first game is Treasure Hunt where each team are given a colour theme and they will need to find 10 items from My Bazaar to match from head to toe & to dress up their model within 15 minutes!

Love this super cute handmade earring at RM12 each!!

Doing what girls do best, they are busy hunting pretty stuffs at My Bazaar!

Red Team busy dressing up their model which is Caroline!

The models from the 5 different teams i.e Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow & Red!

Actually I am very very impressed with all of them because all of the teams colour combination looked so nice & wearable! And I must say My Bazaar stalls have a nice variety of fashion items at very affordable price!

p/s: No excuse for long hour shopping now if 15 mins also can come up with such a nice combination...hehe!

Before deciding the winners, each of these "model" need to do a catwalk & the one who get the loudest cheer will wins! And all of them pose like a professional models...fuiyoh!!

But the Blue team model came out with with sexy pose & managed to garner the most cheer from then crowd and was crowned as the winner!

After that I had a makeover demostration by Su Ying, a friend I met through blogging. She is a professional makeup artist and also a Winner of Inglot Best Makeup Artist Search 2011. She is showing how to do creative & colourful makeup from runaway to our walkway!

First time I tried airbrush foundation! Before she can airbrush, she needs to custom mix the foundation colour for my skintone! I kinda like airbrush foundation effect because the coverage is so even, beautiful & most importantly long lasting!

Inglot colourful palette & Urban Decay Naked Palette was used here!

Tadaa my makeoever is done, here foundation looked a fair but after a while it oxidixed and it matched my skintone. I really like the eyes makeover!

Then I decided to throw in some little fun for the participants to play with makeup at my 2nd game : Beauty Makeover Game! Each team are given a bag of Maybelline cosmetics & the team who has the most creative makeup within 10 mins wins!

The contestants for Beauty Makeover Game.

Here Su Ying was given a task to decide the winner and she has a hard time choosing the winner because all of them are so creative...

End of the day Purple team who consists of Shannon, Choul Yin, Yukiko & Yi Wern won this Beauty Makeover contest!

Just before I ended the party, of course there are lucky draw & Q&A contests!

Winners:- Juli, Shannon, Nicole & Charmaine

Winners :- Farah, Sharon, Choulyin & Jacinta who won the top lucky prize!

Caroline who won my twitter contest! She is the Twitter Queen!

Best dressed award goes to Jacinta for making her effort to come in her H&M rainbow dress! Thank you my dear!

Left to Right : Juli , Sharon, Ellis, TianChad & Amelia who is in purple!

My working team for my Jessying's Tea Party, without them this would not be a success! Special thanks to "big" sister Amelia who are my Event Manager who ran around with me buying & preparing stuffs and was co-ordinating the whole party ( I know she is as stress as myself... *pats Amelia back.. good job)! Not forgetting my sisters Ju Li , Sharon, Ellis & Shannon (not in pic cos busy running around) who came early to help!

Do you know I met all these wonderful people (except Ellis) through my 3 years plus blogging and I managed to convert my bestie Ellis to be a blogger too! That's the beauty of blogging :)

p/s: Now I know why company hire event company to do event because it's not easy & tiring !

Tian Chad you must wear this t-shirt in London ya!

We wont't see this beautiful picture if not for my good friend Tian Chad for capturing such a beautiful pictures during the party! If you don't know by now, Tian Chad is one of the two lucky & deserving Malaysian Samsung Global Blogger Winner who is going for London next week for 10 days for Olympic 2012 coverage! I am so happy & proud of him!!! Do check out his blog www.tianchad.com to follow his Olympic's 2012 live updates!

I was lucky to know him through blogging and one of the nicest & humble blogger in town :) Way to go Tian Chad!

My colourful & fun Group pic! Unfortunately some have went back already!

Last but not least, thank you all of you who came for my first Jessying's High Tea Party and those reading it now, without you all I am nobody and I hope you all enjoy reading & continue supporting my blog :) Those that are not able to make it this time, I hope I would be able to organise another one in near future! I can't wait to do this again because it's fun to meet up with people through blogging and make them my friends :)

Thank you for reading & supporting my blog!

Check out more pictures on my FB fanspage www.facebook.com/jessying

Note: All pictures posted here are credited to Tian Chad & Sky Arts Production


  1. It was an awesome event dear! <3
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. so anyone wanna hire me to do event?? i can send u quotation! but let me know BUDGET la.. *-* self promoting wuahahaha...

  3. It was really really fun!!! :D Thanks for inviting me dearie!


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