Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEW: Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick launch!

Nothing surpasses the lustre of beautiful pearls. It's timless attribute makes it the perfect accessory for any event. Cherished and passed down through generations, a pearl's lustre lives on.

Now give lips the timeless treatment, Avon Malaysia introduced NEW Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick!

It was held in Doubletree Hilton hotel, where the event was decorated as if we are at the seaside!

Elaine Aisyah, Public Relations Manager Avon Malaysia was the MC of the day

Opening speech by Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Managing Director Avon Malaysia

She said Avon scientists created a creamy, rich lipstick formula infused with prismatic pearl pigments for a unique, rich coverage that shines bright in any angles seen. These pearl prisms will also match and compliment your skin undertone as if the colour was tailor-made for you. Best of all, it gives up to 125% more shine than your normal Ultra Color Rich lipsticks!

Beautiful Harp music performance

Pretty dancer dancing gracefully entertaining the media. Looked how the sun spotlight was nicely captured by me!

Neelofa is the Avon Malaysia Ambassador joined Carolyn Nur Amira Lee and Avon's management to officiate the event

A super huge Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick appeared after the shell opened !

Neelofa posing with the NEW Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick

Neelofa & Avon's management was happily checking out the Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick!

Neelofa looked really stunning in Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick, I was wondering what shade she used!

A close up of Neelofa's sexy lips!

I also took opportunity to try out the new Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick!

I tried Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick in Sumptuous Cerise, its hot pink but the colour could not be captured as it has yellow lighting in at the event hall.

I was pretty impressed that this Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick was quite moisture and definitely better than their previous range.The lipstick is really pigmented because it is infused with prismatic pearl pigments and it shine nicely on my lips!

 (Swatch post coming up next!)

Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick has 8 glorious shades – Rouge Luxury, Berry Glitz, Crimson Twilight, Brilliant Ruby, Vermilion, Pink Paparazzi, Sienna Sparkle and Sumptuous Cherise. All the Lipstick comes in a hot pink packaging with unique quilted engravings on the stick for a truly luxuriously pampering feel. Each is selling RM 27.90 (S&S at RM32.10)

Besides that, other Avon's cosmetics were put on the table for us to try!

Pretty eyeshadows palette

Powder foundations

Group pic of Avon's Malaysia team!

Love the backdrop at the event :) Feel like sunset with the warm lighting!
Ah.. I can't wait for my beach trip end of the month!!!

Avon's products are available in AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide or from your local Avon Dealer. For inquiries, call the AVON toll-  free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866), or if you’re on the net, check out  Avon Malaysia’s website at or


  1. Finally avon come up with something that is not so tacky. Used to buy there products but stopped because it was not very nice, good to hear they improved.

  2. The lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes look really good! I haven't tried any Avon products before though, because i seldom see their shops. >_<

  3. The lipstick is jus nice to wear to beach.... Yay beach-bikini-sunshine...

  4. Super love red lipsticks! Ive never exactly tried the pinkish ones before lol

  5. I've never used any Avon cosmetics before....but these looks quite good... hmmm...


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