Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NEW : RMK Gel Creamy Foundation

This month RMK is introducing new Gel Creamy Foundation SPF24PA++

 RMK Gel Creamy Foundation SPF24PA++ (30g) - RM180

This RMK Gel Creamy Foundation has an unique blend of fresh gel and rich cream texturizes and strikes the golden balance for two qualities that we seek in a naturally perfect skin:-
  • a moisturized dewy translucent  glow from within
  • and a fine semi matte porcelain textured surface
RMK Gel Creamy Foundation has premium ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly Extractse which will treat and pamper the skin underneath, allowing for the skin to glow through the makeup. This skin perfection with its sebum-absorbing and anti-oxidizing natural ingredients lasts  throughout the day.

GEL + CREAM = a breakthrough combination of 2 polar opposites:  

A fresh dew-like texture of gel gives the ultimate crystalline natural skin, and the  experience of bare-skin lightness. The richness of the cream will provide coverage and  protects all goodness and moisture provided by infused skincare ingredients. Combined together in Amino Jelly Oil to ensure the formula fits to the skin to make all surface bump free.

Amino Jelly Oil
The rich creamy texture is the result of the special blend of skin-loving Amino emollient  oil, and the Jelly oil creates a smooth silky veil on the skin. It drenches the skin with  moisture provided by infused skincare ingredients as Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly  Extract andĪ²Carotene sealed within the skin underneath.  

In this new RMK Gel Creamy Foundation, it has Micro Mist Powder technology and Salvia Extract which will helps the foundation lasts all day, whilst abundant doses of natural premium skincare ingredients will work to pamper your skin  beneath the foundation. 

Time resistance 1: Extracting sebum with Micro Mist Powder technoloy
The foundation is infused with the weightless Micro Mist Powder. Each powder  particle is porous and hollow, with numerous holes on the outer surface which it  select-extracts and seals in only the excess sebum produced on the surface of your skin  that often wear through makeup. This keeps freshly applied makeup to last through the hours and the pure moisture of infused skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid  undisturbed in your skin.  
Time resistance 2: Ultimate complexion with natural anti-oxidant
To keep the amazing crystalline translucency from the moment of application, Salvia  Extract is infused. It is an excellent natural anti-oxidant, keeping graying at bay around  the clock which is the result of oxidation between the foundation and skin’s excess  sebum occurs. 

 RMK Gel Creamy Foundation comes in 7 shades.

Personally I tried RMK Liquid Foundation (shade 103) before and really like it very much and I'm really looking forward to try this!

RMK Foundation Brush  - RM100

Also launching together with foundation is the new RMK Foundation Brush. Everyone knows choosing a perfect tool can make a world of difference to your foundation’s finishing. RMK has designed a new Foundation Brush to bring the best results of our foundation. Crafted carefully with the best blend of natural hairs, with calculated lengths volume texture and shaped tip, the new brush will give you the perfect result in just one stroke. The brush is easy to use, and especially designed for ease of controlling your  foundation on the skin even at angles and on detailed areas for the perfectly smooth  finished surface.

 RMK Gel Creamy Foundation SPF24PA++ (30g) - RM180
RMK Foundation Brush  - RM100
*Available starting October 2012*

RMK is exclusively available at:  
Parkson Pavilion 
Isetan Suria KLCC 
Isetan The Gardens, Mid Valley

For more information, visit

*Above info is extracted from press release provided by RMK Malaysia*


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