Friday, January 25, 2013

Crowd went crazy when Redfoo (LMFAO) did his wiggle wiggle dance at We Love Asia Music Festival!

What I did last weekends!

I drove to Sepang International Circuit twice!! Really really really far but We Love Asia Music Festival makes my trip really worth it !
Thank you to Don Chan & Manoah Consulting for the tickets, got it a few days before the concert! 

When I reached, the concert haven't officially start... so I went some of the booth to win some prizes! 

 Won some really cool LED rings! Super ♥ this!

 The stage

 Here are some of the pictures which I took!
My only favourite performance for day one in We Love Asia ; Taio Cruz 

His performance is full of energy! And this is my 2nd time watching him singing live!

The 2nd day, the crowd number went by double or triple!!! I think everyone want to come and see Redfoo & Steve Aoki! 

 RedFoo from LMFAO is the reason I am willing to drive all the way to Sepang to watch it! I miss watching his concert last year!!!

He is super entertaining, funny and engaging!

 Look at how crazy is his party rock crew!

When RedFoo started singing party rock anthem , he took off his shirts and started shuffling!

Caution: Before you decided to scroll further, please note there will be obsence pictures of Redfoo which is not suitable for anyone below 18 years old.

Crowd went crazy when Redfoo decided to take off his pants when he sang Sexy and I know it. Everyone was screaming because he was doing the winggling wiggling action. 

Seriously I didnt expect that he will do like how he did in his music video!

 And Redfoo & whole party rock crew stripped further to become really "sexy" and doing their wigglingAnd the dancing is so xxxx but so entertaining! was an epic moment!
 Everyone just went wild, everyone was screaming & dancing and of course wiggling!

 Steve Aoki who is the last performance gave another epic performance! I knew a lot of people went to We Love Asia Music Festival just to see him spin!

That is the night, we all went crazy, singing, dancing, jumping and doing crazy stuffs... and refuse to go home early!

Oh well... now I can't wait to attend the We Love Asia 2.0 concert!!!


  1. I was there too! :D Too bad I didn't stay till Steve Aoki's performance. Yeah man, can't wait for WLA 2.0!!

  2. Never know that redfoo will strip! :/ hahah

  3. Great post: following you now!!! Follow me back??


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