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Last Sunday I was at the Exclusive Grand Opening of MERCEDES-BENZ STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL 2013 themed “Mannequin Fantasies”.

I saw the usual glitz and glamour with the crème de crème of KL’s high society converging at the brand new, urban inspired hotel, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral today. The much-anticipated week -long festival simultaneously launched the impending Asia Fashion Week (AFW) & the Rainforest Fashion Initiative (RFI) on the same night. 

Presented by Mercedes-Benz and Starwood Hotels & Resorts together with STYLO International, the country’s biggest fashion event kicked off with a fanfare of the best. Debuting top designers, from 7 Asian countries besides Malaysia namely Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia, the night was not short of anticipated exhilaration. STYLO’s trademark deco did not disappoint as it spilled decadent exaggeration from the entrance to the Grand Ballroom. 

  Stylo International CEO and President, Dato’ Nancy Yeoh gave her welcome speech

She wore a stunning updated garbage dress by Bill Keith from STYLO’s debut at  India’s first ever Formula One 2011 in Mumbai and  jewels by AFW designer, Janina  Garcia from Philippines, said, “Fashion Grand Prix 2013 is definitely bigger and better in terms of designs and ideas. This year we are very excited about launching the Asian Fashion Week and Rainforest Fashion Initiatives that will showcase a spectacular line up of Asian designers all under one roof. We have been dabbling with the idea of wanting to put something that encompasses Asian fashion as one for a long time, and at the same time to create a fashion event which will rival the best fashion weeks around the world. Hence the partnership involving STYLO, Mercedes-Benz and Asian Fashion Inc  plus the biggest names in Asian Fashion Associations in Asia to bring fashion enthusiasts the AFW & RFI.”

 Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President and CEO, Roland Folger

He said "As Mercedes-Benz celebrates its 10th anniversary of the company’s incorporation this year and our partnership with STYLO in its 6th year, we pledge to continue our commitment to the promotion of haute couture. We want to elevate the Malaysian fashion industry internationally not just with our World Fashion Exchange but also the upcoming Asian Fashion Week & Rainforest Fashion Initiative. We want to put Malaysia on the Top 10 best fashion weeks’ list soon enough by staying focused on the future.”

Minister of Tourism, YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen was the VVIP of the night.

The night also witnessed the Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Minister of Tourism, YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen  by Dato’ Professor Jimmy Choo for her contributions to the country’s fashion industry. Fashion and Retail Associations heads such as Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA) represented by Gillian Hung, Bumiputera Designers’ Association (BDA) represented by Bon Zainal, Young Designers’ Arena (YODA) represented by Baizura Tazri, Malaysian Footwear Manufacturers Association (MFMA) represented by Tony Ting and BBKLCC  Tourism Association represented by Joyce Yap were present to bear witness to this momentous occasion.

The highlight of the evening was the AFW designers fashion showcase featuring S Nine from Hong Kong, Sapto Djojokartik representing Indonesia, Eric Delos Santos from Philippines with Malaysian representatives Alvin Tay and Justin Yap of MODA, Kashfi Zulkifli of YODA, Amir Luqman and Ezuwan Ismail of BDA. The line for the opening night was only a fragment of the AFW designers’ showcase as the presenters promised more incredible Asian and Malaysian designs to take the stage throughout the week at the FGP 2013.

Let's take a look at the fashion show! ( which took me few days to edit the pics!)

 S.Nine by Susanna Soo, a womenswear label designed by Susanna Soo who launched the first collection in New York and Hong Kong in 2009 after having worked with Diane von Furstenburg and french couturier house of Anne Valarie Hash. Susanna is the winner of The Arts of Fashion award in 2008.

The collection is a modern take on creating elegant silhouettes with the designer's signature draping techniques to bring out effortless chic. Our collection now has been esteemed as a hidden treasure among the elite fashion editors, top stylists, celebrities and super models. Elle magazine and several publications has praised S.Nine by Susanna Soo as a game changer of the modern chic evening wear.

He portrays inspiration from Indonesia’s rich heritage. He tried to capture emotion from an idea and tried to interpret his visions into volume and detail that can visualize the ideas origin. To achieve his feminine, dark romanticism design with an emphasis in details of intricately aesthetic, he only cut from the ethereal fabrics and decorated with delicate embroidery and embellishments.

His use of soft materials mixed with tougher, more structured silhouettes to create his pieces of work, exotic flourishes of embroidery, beading, fringes and sequins are beautifully elaborate. The signature colors of his collection are black, tope, off white mixed with pure white and flashes of rich color.

 A mix of black and green colors are cast in every piece. 

With piercing studs, gleaming beads, ethereal laces and feisty leather. 
It is a bewitchingly glamorous collection be ready to fall under the beautiful curse of Eric Delos Santos’ collection.

In between the fashion shows, we have Lisa Yap is the Chief make-up artist of Shu Uemura to show us makeup demostration. Lisa who has more than 7 years of experience and thoroughly trained by Shu Uemura’s international artist director Uchiide Kakuyasu. Oh did I mentioned Shu Uemura is the official makeup brand for MERCEDES-BENZ STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL 2013!

 To add another feather on Lisa’s hat, Lisa is currently going through numerous demanding exams to be the first Shu Uemura Elite Make-up artist in Malaysia

 Speaking of that I had a mini makeover by Shu Uemura before the event started, they add on Mini eyelashes karl for shu for me on top on my existing fake eyelashes!
 The Oscar night serves as a beauty and couture feast to the media, paparazzi, and the public. Therefore the theme of this collection is called "The Oscar Extravaganza".
A lot of the Alvin Tay couture statements are elevated into new height as a lot of hours have been spent in all the handmade ruffles, pleats, and floral decollate on the gown. Fabrics used are French lace, silk taffeta, silk satin and fabric in snake skins print. It ranges from color to demure black for the Oscar red carpet!

 A collection that's inspired by the women in film noir, Justin Yap/Prestige founded his new couture line early this year. The silhouettes are clean, classic but modern. Form fitting to enhance a woman's figure. 
Materials used were exquisite , luxurious yet sensual such as silks from Jim Thompson and Italian crepe and silk chiffon. Accesories were made meticulously by hand using the finest exotic leather such as python and cobra skins.

The collection is finished off with a touch of sparkle, rows or crystal embellishments decorating the waist bands and décolletage. Presenting to you, Justin Yap/Prestige spring summer couture 2013.

 Is a continuous collection from AmirLuqman’s Kuala Lumpur 2012 collection. In fact he is walking down the runaway as the first model of his own collection!

Journey from Kuala Lumpur to the east of peninsular Malaysia we discover the art of lifestyle of Kelantan.

Using fabric batik made locally by the locals, AmirLuqman injects the elements of JE NE SAIS QUOI.
1: when something is so wrong. It’s right. 
 2: when something so simple is sublime. 
3: when something classic seems new. 
4: when it's effortless or just looks it. 
5: I don't know, but I like it.

The theme is Starship, it is a ship from another world, and inside the ship there are stars who are wearing glamorous outfits.

 In this collection, he has used taffeta silk and lycra with some ruffles and patches of lace. This collection is modern and futuristic. Oh I must say I love this beige tudung outfit, it is so pretty & classy!

Mr. Mohamad Kashfi Bin Mohd Zulkufli as the founder and owner of Kashfi Zulkufli Creation has started the business since the year 2010.  This young passionate fashion designer has a gifted skill of designing and sewing clothes that later he went for courses of fashion design to empower the skills and his ability.

Started with his passion of designing mesmerizing clothes for the clients, he then decided to expand his business to produce more designs and products using his fashion label.
Edic Ong’s is Malaysia’s fore-most natural dye artist. In this collection known as “indigo Plus” Edric adds a new twist to the inter-play of hand made “Shibori” textiles in silk and organic cotton.

To his signature colors of the ”Mengkudu” roots, bakau barks and ketapan leaves, Edric has added the blue haze of “indigo” in a collection that is street-smart and definitely eco-stylish.

Jendela KL incorporated in Malaysia in October 2001, Jendela Batik began as the late Tun Endon’s platform to bring batik to the world.
Jendela KL Incorporated in Malaysia in October 2001, Jendela Batik began as the late Tun Endon’s platform to bring batik to the world. With a solid strategy mapped for the future, 2008 witnessed the implementation of a critical re-branding exercise that would set up the brand for wider expansion possibilities.  The Jendela Company was restructured under the Jendela KL brand, thus capturing a broader meaning for the brand as a metaphorical window for its design capabilities.

 They night end with a showcase of KF. Bong who is a Body paint Artiste.

That's me at the STYLO! 

Which designers are you looking forward to see? 

Well I would likely be there for the whole week reporting what is new and upcoming fashion here! 

Want to see instant updates of all the pictures, well follow my instagram account at where I would be sharing pictures instantly from the show with Samsung Galaxy Camera!


  1. wow love most of the collection! And nice dress you got there :D:D

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    1. wait till i post the rest of the photos collection, it was awesome!

  3. I'm just wondering that since you get to go to these beautiful events, would you have the chance to ask those VVIPs who's designs are they wearing for the event?

    1. yes i could ask... hehe sometimes I do ask out of curosity :)

    2. Cool! Then do mention in your post please. Sometimes the VVIPs clothing looks more attractive than what's on stage! Hehehehe....


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