Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you ready? Yes I am ready for Samsung Galaxy S4

Well Samsung is coming out with the next Galaxy S4 and seriously I can't wait for it after watching the live streaming of the launch over the internet! 

Well if you are wondering when will it reach our Malaysian shore....

 Well over the weekends, I caught an ochestra team singing infront H&M Lot 10!

Samsung never fail me with their creativity in promoting their brand and well this time time, they sing & dance.. very fresh idea in promoting the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia!

They even distribute balloons! Didn't manage to capture but everyone was rushing to get the balloon like a happy kid! 

Samsung GALAXY S4 is designed with the well-connected, multi-tasker in mind. Call a friend, answer the phone, preview and scroll through emails and control videos without even touching the phone! Also another feature which I really interested to find out eye-tracking feature!

To find out more about Samsung Galaxy S4, visit  or watch the trailer before!

YES I'm ready for Samsung Galaxy S4

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