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Review : Kerastase Cristalliste range & Centro Prive Salon KLCC

 Finally I could sit down and write about this Kerastase Cristalliste Pink Party organised by the awesome people in Centro Hair Salon. I have been using this Kerastase Cristaliste range for some time and it is time for a complete review!

Btw, if you have been reading my blog for quite some time, remember my new hair colour I did earlier this year? It was Kevin,  the founder and Creative Director of Centro Hair Salon who did an amazing job in colouring my hair early this year! (Read more here)

So after my 1st pleasant experience, the kind people in Centro wanted to organised a pink party me to experience the Kerastase Cristalliste range. And I have invited my friends Shannon and Pauline to join me!

 It was held in CENTRO Prive in KLCC 4th floor and this is my first time here. I noticed the different between Centro Hair Salon & Centro Prive is that the latter only use Kerastase products for all its services. Hence Centro Prive is a exclusive & luxurious hideaway!
To be exact, Centro Prive located just next to Isetan in Level 4 KLCC. (Besides Clarins Institute)
The entrance of CENTRO Prive, love the Artemide Skydro ceiling lights that cast a silvery glow over the reception area.

 Love the detailing that they did at the entrance. I think also got fengsui meaning !

CENTRO Prive is a Kerastase concept salon where only Kerastase products would be used here, expect nothing but only luxury & personalised treatment using Kerastase products!

CENTRO Prive offers customers to be pampered in seclusion with its showcase Kerastase Room, where a range of hair spa treatments await one’s tired tresses. The Kerastase Hot Stone Massage ritual is also available, designed to soothe and seduce. Another star treatment is Kerastase Chronologiste, a hair care treatment inspired by the qualities of caviar.

The seating in salon

One special feature of CENTRO Prive in this KLCC outlet is that there are 2 VIP rooms. One consists of of two sweater and another for three seater. This is definitely a perfect place for a girly pampering sessions with a few girlfriends...  luxurious and exclusive to for a girly day out :) 

Since I came with 2 girl friends, we were lead to VIP room with 3 seaters decorated with pink set up in conjunction with the colour of the Kerastase Cristalliste range.

Oh there is pink cupcakes & macarons to accompany the pampering session! Feeling that we are in the princess pamering session already! 

The perfect pampering session.

 The head massage is so so so GOOD!!!

Ah I was so excited when I saw my pink bubble hair and I thought why so awesome one the shampoo.. until the stylist told me because my hair is newly dyed (at that time) that's why the colour got wash off! Aiks... got me excited by a little while only! 

Nevertheless the head massage was so good! I want to go back for more!

One thing I like about Centro Prive was that, the VIP room is adjoined to the fully automated basin room.

And this is what I called VIP... need not queue to take turn to go to the basin & having a private washing space! 

 After washing, this is how my hair look after blow drying using the full range of Kerastase Cristalliste. My hair looked glowing, silky smooth and light! Oh did I mentioned the Crtistalliste range leaves my hair sweet candy scent, oh so yummylicious!

My stylist decided to give a little magic to style my hair! Suddenly feel so girlish and korean style! Totally love it.. didn't know my short hair can do this hairstyle! Love the volume at the side as it could cover my fat cheek and hence making my face looked smaller :D

I absolutely love my hair colour! I want to re-colour my hair again! 

The pricelist at the salon is pretty reasonable for Kerastase concept salon which is located in KLCC... a place which is luxurious and quiet to enjoy pampering time! 

Before I share my review on the Kerastase Cristalliste, I got a little story to tell!

 Ocassionally I miss my curly long hair! >.<

I used to have very long hair for more than 10 years and absolutely love it when it was long & pretty and I could do any styling on my hair! When hair reach my waist, I started to have hair fall problem... hair loss shine, hair looked lifeless bcos it looked heavy even after shampoo! So I cut shorter and went through few chemical treatments to enchance the hair look! By then I had more problems! Name it; more hair loss problem, hair loss shine & split ends - HORROR!

End up, I had no choice but to cut my hair short! Although I am liking my short hair at this moment, ocassionally I do miss my long hair... where I can *flip* my hair whenever I want! 

 It is every girl dream to have luminous, healthy, weightless and ultimately beautiful hair

BUT do you know that?: - 
  • 65% of young women have long hair* 
  • 40% tend to have oily hair* 
  • 30% have split ends* 

This coupled with a tendency towards heavy use of heat appliances can cause hair to become dull, damaged and lifeless. The Kerastase Cristalliste range opens the door to a new breed of discerning young beauty-hungry women and offers them a dedicated range to meet their specific hair needs - without being over prescriptive and without weighing it down. 

Note : *Source: Health & Beauty 2007 – Europe 5

Kerastase Cristalliste has the latest LIQUID LIGHT COMPLEX technology
Enhanced with an innovative three-component formula, the Cristalliste technology treats the hair fibre to create feather light and free flowing locks from root to tip: 

1. Oil Solubilisation System 
- High foaming cleansers leave roots perfectly cleansed without feeling stripped - The system traps and dissolves impurities to reveal light flowing hair - 
- The Result: Purified roots 

2. Anti-Dry Magnet-Like Polymers 
- Caring agents attracted to dry and sensitized zones of the hair - Evenness of fibre’s cuticles is restored and lengths are smoothed and refined - 
- The Result: Polished Ends 

3. Aloe Vera Illuminator 
 - Concentrated doses of amino acids and vitamins delivered to the lipid structure of the hair - Powerful natural moisturiser enhances natural hair glow and shimmer
 - The Result: Multi-Luminous Hair

 Kerastase Cristlliste Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoo - RM78.00 (250ml)

This ultra light shampoo comes in 2 types, for fine & thick hair. The one I am having here is for fine hair. The formula enriched with a plant origin extract helps smoothe the hair, leaving it lustrous and supple, caring for the hair without weighting it down.

Direction to use: Apply to wet hair, massage & rise.
My review on Kerastase Cristlliste Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoo
It has really delicious sweet candy scent which is really addictive! This shampoo does the cleaning job properly and I feel my hair a little bit more moist & light after washing! I am happy to know that this product is free from silicon, paraben & colorant!

Kerastase Lait Cristal Luminous Perfecting Conditioner - RM90 (200ml)

This is ideal for dry lengths and ends and suitable for both thick and fine hair. It will repair the hair fibre’s lipid structure -Softens, loosens and lightens the fibre to improve the hair’s natural luminosity.

My review on Kerastase Lait Cristal Luminous Perfecting Conditioner
The conditioner texture is light and after hair wash I feel my hair is softer & lighter. It was an acceptable conditioner to use, it is not super moisturizing but it works great as a daily conditioner for people with long hair that wanted a condition their hair without weigh it down. And of course it leaves the hair smelling so nice with its candy sweet scent!

Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide Luminous Perfecting Essence - RM 82 (125ml) 

This is the higlight of the range, the hair oil promises glowing, healthy and easy-to-wear hair that guarantees uncompromising Kerastase quality. Apply 1-2 pumps on dry or towel dried hair. Remember do not rinse your hair as this is a leave on hair treatment.

My review of Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide Luminous Perfecting Essence
My first impression of this hair oil is that the texture is so light, almost like water! The scent is stronger than the shampoo & conditioner & last through out 8 hours. After applying the oil, my hair texture feel a little bit smoother, looked less frizzy and looked shinner! It is really nice because you can't feel the oilyness on your hair because it absorbed immediately after I applied it. Hence it does not weight down my hair at all!

Since my hair is short I only can use 1/2 or 1 pump (a bottle can lasts for very long!) and I checked that even after a long day under the sun my hair did not feel greasy at all but still smelling nice! Highly recommending this to people who has long hair especially (or even short hair ) to try this!
Kerastase Cristalliste is available for sale at all Centro Hair Salon & all other Kerastase salons.

1) CENTRO Hair Salon, The Gardens Mall - 03-2287 7330
2) CENTRO Hair Salon, Suria KLCC - 03-2161 6330
3) CENTRO Privé, Suria KLCC - 03-2162 3330
For more information on Kerastase products visitt

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