Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The New Dorothy Perkins Kardashian Summer Kollection has launched!

Ah finally the new Dorothy Perkins Kardashian Kollection has launched in UK! It has not reached our Malaysian shore yet, but is okay!

Let's us have a sneak preview of the summer collection!

Ah I have my eyes on a few things, but for sure the ombre jacket & dress are to be die for! 

I would think this new summer collection is better than the previous Kardashian collection which was launched last year November which focus on lots of leopard prints (Click HERE to read about last year Kardashian collection)

Since it is only launched in UK at the moments, more images & details would be at the official Dorothy Perkins UK FB

I am not sure when would it be launched in Malaysia so would be keeping my eyes on Fast Fashion Forward (F3) Malaysia Facebook !
 So which is your favourite piece from this new Dorothy Perkins Kardashian Summer Kollection?

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