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How To Make Lingerie Work For You - especially for plus size!

What is lingerie? 
A shopping death sentence? 
A piece of fabric that incites sexy time?
 A way to effectively lift and separate?

 Let's talk about this fashionable and naughty undergarments!

Lingerie is one those things that a lot of people like the idea of but don't really know how and where to get especially for plus size! The stress of finding something that you like, that fits and is priced well can be overwhelming, but once you find those pieces, lingerie totally has the ability to revamp your confidence, attitude and approach to sexuality. Use these tips for streamlining the lingerie process and see what great looks you can find!

Start with getting fitted for your bras:

Remember when you got fitted 5 years ago and they told you that you were a 36D? At the time, you totally were, but that doesn't mean you are still the same size today. Don't rely on antiquated sizing information and seriously you need to get re-fitted every year especially you have big top!

Your breasts can easily change sizes over a season due to diet, medication, exercise or stress changes etc, meaning you could easily be down or up a few sizes and not even realize it. The worst thing is wearing the wrong size bra which will ultimately cause your clothes to lay incorrectly and not provide your back with the proper support!! So start your lingerie quest here, by figuring out what size you truly are. You can always to a store and be sized or do it at home with this handy guide.

Knowing this size can help you beyond just bra purchasing, as many pieces of lingerie are sized according to bra sizes like baby dolls, corsets and camisoles.

But realistically, what is going to look good? 

Because at the end of the day, you can know your size, but that doesn't mean a garment in the corresponding size will look good. In spirit of making your search easier, I've detailed out a few go-to looks that are guaranteed to make you fabulous, whether you're a size 2 or 24.

Two piece selections will always be the easiest way to go, because you can ensure that both pieces fit well. This is especially helpful if you tend be have a huge disparity between your bust and your waist.

Create a memorable look by nixing the typical bra for a balconette style or a sexy sheer underwire. Pair it with some sultry panties in your favorite style, whether it be boyshorts, a thong or cheekies.

Consider topping the look off with a garter and thigh highs. Garners are generally sized in straight forward XS-XXL sizing. However, fit can vary across brands and styles, so be sure to try on your garter before buying it. A garter that is either too tight or too big will not be comfortable or do its job. Thigh highs typically come in standard and plus sizing options, so fit should be no concern here.

If you like the bottom options, but want something a little more special than a bra, consider getting a pair of pasties. Pasties are decorative nipple covers that have a sticky backside. It's essentially like wearing reusable sexy bandaids on your nips. If you're looking for something fun, Adam and Eve does offer a range of sexy lingerie that comes with various sizes!

No there's no reason you can't move beyond the two-piece look. Plus size girls can absolutely look sexy in body stockings, corsets and baby dolls, too.

Red Intense Babydoll

Baby dolls are empire-waist style tank tops that are usually adorned with my favourite material lace and sheer fabric. These are great options because the fabric below the bra cups flows away, meaning there is no tight fabric to worry about. It just presents your girls on a beautiful platter while giving you a glowing ethereal look. Pair one of these with a pair of panties.

Body stockings are full mesh body suits that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. These come sized in standard and plus sizing options. The stretchy mesh can accommodate any size and fits to your shape in a flattering way. Pair this with some high heels and get ready to dominate!

Finally corsets, one of the oldest styles of lingerie! Nothing will make you feel sexier than a corset. It cinches in your waist, lifts your bust and highlights your curves. While they are confidence boosting, the actual corset shopping can be difficult because they are typically sized very differently. You can find some that correspond with your bust size or simple S-M-L options, but most are done through waist sizes. So you'll have to measure your waist and then subtract 2 inches from that number to determine your corset size. Be sure to know that going into it, otherwise you could be stuck trying on a lot of corsets and be confused as to why they aren't fitting. Once found, pair one of these bad boys with jeans for the day and panties for the night!

So what is your favourite lingerie look? 

Mine favourite lingerie style would be baby dolls with ace & how chiffon material, love how it felt on my skin!


  1. This post was really helpful! glad i found your blog:)

  2. :( sadly...I'm petite... and even when I go for fitting...there's no bra that actually...really, really fits me. :(


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