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Review : Now you see it, now you don't with Vanish Power O2.

 Have you tried Vanish before?

Vanish Power O2 is designed to remove even tough dried in stains. Ensuring that you are left with stain free laundry everything you used it!

There are basically 2 types as you can see from the picture:-
Left : White bottle is Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Powder (fabric stain remover + whitening effect - for white colour clothing)

Right : Pink bottle on the right is Vanish Power O2 Powder (fabric stain remover for all colours clothing)

I got to admit I am a pretty clumsy person and often split food on my clothes unknowingly too hungry maybe. And sometimes I got to toss my favourite clothes away when I could not remove the stains after several's very sad especially if that is my limited edition dress I bought from overseas!

So let's put this Vanish Power O2 into test and see if it really VANISH the stains! 
Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Powder (RM13.80/500g) works to remove stains and keep your whites as white as possible. The special formula contains Oxi Powerlift agents which penetrate and lift the stain first time, and also whitening ingredients to help retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing. Add a scoop of this powder to your wash load to see great results.

You know that our white colour clothes will usually turns in pale yellow  ( after many many many rounds of washing and can feel the fabric thinning when I was using other whitening detergent brand... so this Vanish Power O2 Crystal White does not just removes stain but it also helps to maintain the "whiteness" of clothes.

 So it's pure coincidence that I have my white cardigan stained! Told you I'm a clumsy person...

 Actually I do not know where & when I got the stain from but I guess from food...maybe soy sauce or something! Also this cardigan which I bought from China has actually looked a bit old (the white colour turns yellowish) after many round of washing ...

Let me see if Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Powder works!

 Direction to use
Washing Machine:
  1. For tougher and dried-in stains, add 1 scoop to your normal detergent in the washing machine drawer.    
  2. For normal stains, add 1/2 a scoop.     
  3. Wash as usual. You can get great results even at 30 degrees.   
 Soaking: (For tough & dried stains) -  Can use to remove blood & red wine stains too!
  1. Fully dissolve 1 scoop in 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C). 
  2. For normal stains use 1/2 a scoop.     
  3. For the best results, soak for 6 hours.     
  4. After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.     
  5. For best results on tough stains, rub before rinsing.  

As I do not know what kinda of stain is mine, I use 1 scoop and soak it for 6 hours according to the instruction above. 

Important Note : Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Also Do not use on wool, silk or leather. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces - for example wood, metals etc.

 After soaking, I just rinse off with water and I did not even wash it using brush or washing machine before air dry it.

WOW, the stains really VANISHED into the air & was happy to find the scent was quite pleasing compare to other whitening detergent brand.... I did not even use softener here!

Tips for stain removal tip for clothes: Don't let the stain dry! The longer the stain stays in the fabric, the harder it will be to remove. 

Not only that, I was really happy to see that my white cardigan looked brighter & whiter after wash!!! To me it looks like NEW and I was super impressive with this one and start recommending to my sister & friends!

Verdict :  Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Powder pass with flying colour and I can now testify that it works! And definitely I would repurchase this to use!
Vanish Power O2 Powder (RM13.80/500g) contains Oxi Powerlift which removes all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see to the tougher ones that may be hidden. Vanish Power O2 Powder is safe to use on both coloured and white clothing.

Honestly I have used many fabric stain remover on my coloured cloth and often the stains is removed but the colour faded after I have been searching for VERY LONG was searching for fabric stain remover that not only removes stains but maintain the colour in my clothes.

So I found my doggie toy when I was cleaning the house! This was given by my boyfriend on our 1st date 8 years ago.... and I always wonder why he gave me a doggie toy and not a bear ? Hahaha.. I think because both of us are dog lover!

Poor little doggie , looked really dirty cos I think I have chucked it somewhere when I was moving my stuffs , so now Mama going to give you a good shower with Vanish Power O2 Powder!

And my doggie looked really handsome now after I soak for an hour & rinse off!

Well some of you might be wondering, my doggie toy don't have any really tough stains to remove some more right... well I just want to prove, by soaking those normal stains will come off by itself even without brushing it! You know soft toy like this, cannot throw into washing machine ... because it would ruins the shape and the fur might fall off.

Anyway I upgrade my test level and see if Vanish Power O2 Powder can pass my exams or not!

Lipstick stain using one of my Clinique lipstick!!!!
This is one very common stains that one will get right, especially for man?  

I went overboard in drawing as I was telling myself... Vanish show me your power....LOL!
Direction to use
Washing Machine: For tough and dried stains: 
  1. Add one scoop of Vanish to your laundry detergent in the washing machine drawer and wash as usual.     
  2. For normal stains add 1/2 a scoop.     
  3. Wash as usual. Get great results also at 30 degrees.  

Soaking: For tough and dried stains: 
  1. Fully dissolve 1 scoop of the Vanish Power O2 Powder into 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C) and leave it to soak. 
  2. For lighter stains, you can use 1/2 a scoop.     
  3. Colour: leave to soak for a maximum of 1 hour.     
  4. Whites: leave to soak for a maximum of 6 hours.     
  5. After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.     
  6. For best results on tough stains, rub the stains out of the clothes before rinsing.

For this lipstick stain, I have to rub the stains out of the clothes before rinsing before it was really a tough stain to remove!!!

My Verdict : Vanish Power O2 Powder also pass with flying colour! It did vanish the tough stains make the colour of my shirt stays!

So your turn to try & tell me your verdict lah... especially you can now request for a sample from FREE... delivered to your doorstep somemore!

 Visit to do a quick registration for the free Vanish Power O2 sampling and click submit!

 Also, there are is a competition going on simply by uploading a pic/video to show your secret in removing stains with Vanish!

Looking at the awesome prizes, I am going to join and if you all don't want join, nvm I'm going to bring home all the prizes.. HAHAHA... jk! Good luck everyone!

Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Powder and Vanish Power O2 Powder both selling at RM13.80 at major supermarket or hypermarket.

So now you see it , now you don't with Vanish Power O2!

 Have you tried this before?
Visit for more information!

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