Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RMK Summer Collection 2013 Swatches!

Finally I get to sit down and post up this beautiful Summer Collection 2013 after attending their launch 2 months back! 
RMK's Summer Collection 2013 creates the perfectly jeweled eyelids in palettes of 5 colours, with blusher to enhance the dewy skinned fresh look of the season into your makeup. The lip glosses come with pure tint to make you glow under the summer sun. Each of duo eye palettes comes paired with pearlescent shiny powders to enhance the original colour

The display that would be showed on RMK counter

 RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes comes in 5 shades (1 limited edition).

The duo eye palettes are rich in pearlescent particles for the perfect shine. Layering the 2 textures will enhance the original colours – from fresh green, demure brown to bronzed gold combinations. The texture has been enhanced for ease of glide when applied onto the skin, and for depth of colour when 2 textures are layered.
I can't get my eyes of EX-01 Gold because it is super glittering! And the purple (that looked like indigo blue) one would be my choice !


RMK Sheer Powder Cheeks (3 colours)  RM130
Seasonal Limited Edition
The 3 limited edition colours are all enhanced with a tint of pearlescent particles to add a healthy summer glow to your complexion. Choose from the Pink Gold for the natural rose tine, Orange Gold for the healthy glow, or the Brown Gold for the bronzed tint. All 3 shades are formulated to guarantee the perfect fit and glide on your skin for the perfect finish.

 RMK Gloss Lips N (4 shades) - RM78
 Seasonal Limited Edition
Choose from the 4 jeweled colours to complete the fresh faced look of the season. The limited edition colours come in enchanting Pink Gold, healthy Orange Gold, gorgeous Clear Gold and the chic Beige Gold for the naturally moist lips look. The Hyaluronic Acid in the formula will keep your lips moisturized even during the hot summer months.
All these colours are so lovely & the shimmer is so fine!! My pick would be Clear Gold!

RMK ‘s best selling base range launches 3 products using state of the art technology to prep your skin to perfection. The renewed Control Color UV is an all rounder primer that tone-corrects using light illuminating particles, control excess oil, pores. It is richly infused with natural skincare ingredients, high with both SPF and PA ++ to give protection and care for your skin. The Super Basic Liquid Concealer now comes with high UV protection and added “counter tone-balancing” technology that banishes dark circles. The new Smoothing Stick is an all round surface corrector with a deliciously smooth water base texture. It perfects the skin’s surface of bumps, pores, and excess oil whilst moisturizing the skin. Both Control Color UV and Smoothing Stick contain natural Hyaluronic Acid boosters to bring out translucency from within.

 RMK Control Color UV (3 shades) SPF 30 PA++ RM125

Reveal your perfect tone and inner-glow sheen. All with higher nourishing and protecting properties for your skin. The renewed Control Color is an UV is an all rounder prepping item that corrects your tone with the state of art technology. The new technology use “Illuminating Powders” made of intricately fine holographic particles in different colours. To the eyes, the new formula filters light away from irregularities of tone or pores, and enhance light from your skin with counter-tone colours, that reveal an instantly balanced tone and delicate sheen of your natural complexion. Its serum-like texture blends into the skin, infused with micro beads to keep excess oil at bay, and with bountiful natural skincare ingredients* and a high SPF and PA ++ to care for your skin, leaving no white residues. 

* Infused with Royal Jelly Extract, β Carotene, Himalayan Raspberry, Star Fruits, Olive Leaf Extracts. 
 01 Silver - Adds natural inner glowing sheen 
 02 Pink - Adds a delicate feminine glow 
03 Coral - Adds a healthy bright glow.

NEW RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer SPF PA++ - RM120
The Super Basic Liquid Concealer now comes with high UV protection and added “counter tone-correcting” shades. By diffusing light with counter shades, the new concealers work better for areas as dark circles around the eyes or redness around the nose that are prone to graying using skin tone shades. The perfect coverage comes in an easy to use pen. Just turn the dial to squeeze the right amount on to the brush end.
EX-02 Pink - Alleviates appearance of dark circles under the eyes. 
EX-03 Blue - Counters redness around the nose, and adds translucency to the tone.

  RMK Smoothing Stick (5.8g) SPF 14 PA+  - RM90

The new Smoothing Stick is an all-round skin surface corrector with a deliciously smooth gel texture to smoothen your skin before makeup. 25% of its formula is made of luxurious skin-loving water base that fits to give your skin coverage like no other. It is infused with concentrate moisturizing ingredients like Royal Jelly Extract, β Carotene, and Macadamia Nut Extract to keep the skin moist and plump from within, as well as Thyme Extract to firm open pores. Its use of Smoothing Leaf Powder* technology will deflect light for shine prone areas whilst controlling excess oil during the day, and drastically minimizing all bumps and pores for a visibly smooth surface.

I did not manage to check this at the launch, can't see where is the tester it.  Hence this is a picture from the press release to show you guys how it looked it. I need to go the counter to check this out! 

I think that RMK Summer Collection 2013 is super glittering and I do like how the glitter is fine ! 
If there is one thing I should get from the collection definitely it is RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes in Purple because I love the indigo colour!

What are your favourite from RMK Summer Collection 2013?

 RMK Summer Collection 2013 would be available at all RMK counters in July onwards!

p/s: I have some goodies from the event, which should I review first ? The RMK Ingenious W Powder Eyes ,  RMK Control Color UV or RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer? Do let me know!


  1. Thank you for the swatches! I must investigate!!

    1. You're welcome dear! Tell me what your pick after your "investigation"

  2. The colors are beautiful O.O. Especially the Orange Gold for cheek.
    Maybe review on the Color Control first? :P

    1. Agree! Can you do a review on color control first? Especially since it comes with UV protection, I wonder if it is oily like those foundation or sunblocks?


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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