Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Showcase your talent and stand a chance to be discovered via 2Crack

Recently I discovered which is a music portal company that seeks for new talents like bands and independent musicians.

If today you are a local musicans or in a band that looking to be discovered, you should join 2Crack as they focus exclusively on music and the talents themselves by aggregating a full package of music video and album for the new talents.And just recently 2Crack organised Malaysia Day Band Fest 2013 which showcased local Malaysian bands in conjunction with 1Malaysia!

Oh did I mentioned that new talents have an opportunity to earn through their aggregations and ranking system through social media platforms. So do check out 2Crack as it updates you on new local talents but also on new gigs that features our local talent!

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  1. Too bad im not talented enuf.... all the best to those who joined! :D


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