Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge

Anyone wan ice-cream?

Nestle Drumstick gives a chance for you to win the Grand Prize of RM 30,000* in cash. Just scan the QR code in to join NESTLÉ DRUMSTICK Most Adventurous Challenge today!

I was up for a Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge roadshow last week in Sunway Lagoon...did not know what to expect... at first I thought it should be like eating ice-cream competition (which I would be more than happy to join) but it was a physical challenge...!

 Cik Lily was the first who took up the challenge! 

Basically the challenge is that , we need to go in the Nestle tent (in total darkness) and grab the Nestle Drumstick run out within 5 seconds to win RM50 cash ! 

Sounds like easy...? Hell no !

The thing is the tent is in total darkness and full of TRAPS!

I secretly took the pictures of the the team was putting a prank on us... I think they are having fun while trying to make us "suffer"!

 JQ was very gung-ho and excited to go in there...little did she know she would be PUNCHED, WATER-FIED, FLOUR-FIED, TIRE-FIED, JELLY-FIED & MORE......(in her words!) Hahaha... but she still looked really fun .....and looking so energetic after that... !

I was next on the time... totally gear up and going in there... OMG... it was DARK and I can't see anything... so just rush in like a blind man and went straight in.... and these people are crazy.. they pour water, flour and punch on me and I got to crawl out with the ice cream... 

Although I think I am a winner myself.. for managing to climb out safely...I think its impossible to come out within 5 seconds...!  

But Isaac did it & he got RM50 cash on the spot! OMG I don't know how he managed to do that!! He just dash in and out ... like a speed of a BULLET!

For others who did not complete the challenge within 5 seconds got a Sunway Lagoon day pass & Nestle Drumstick ice cream as prize lah!

Though only a few won the RM50 cash ... but all of us have great fun! And seriously I have not done anything crazy like this before... and I feel young ( not that I very old... but this are the crazy things that we used to do!)

And best of all we had unlimited supply of Nestle Drumstick Ice cream by showing them the Line's apps.

 The Nestle Drumstick Extreme Chocolate for the people who complete the extreme challenge!

I lost count how many Nestle Drumstick I had indulge that day.... the weather was so hot & ice cream is something I really need to chill me down!

All of us are winners for completing the Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge in Sunway Lagoon!

So if you think you are ready to join the Nestle Drumstick Most Adventurous Challenge.... join their online version at their facebook and stands a chance to win RM30,000 grand prize!!! 

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