Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review : No more gum bleeding with TruCare Malaysia Nano Silver Toothpaste

It takes courage to take close up photo because not only people would look at our skin closely but at our teeth too right ? 

While it is important to have a set of beautiful teeth, it is very very very important to have a healthy one for ONE REASON because in this lifetime we only have two sets of teeth, baby teeth and the permanent one which we are having now. 

Just like our face, some people's gum are more sensitive than others. While I was blessed with skin which allows me to try with different skincare with any sensitivity issues, my gum is totally the opposite. My gum would bleed and caused discomfort when I'm using the wrong toothpaste. So I'm really careful when selecting what toothpaste to clean my teeth.

And recently I was given TruCare Malaysia Nano Silver Toothpaste to try a toothpaste that offers:-
  • All round anti-bacterial protection 
  • Relieves gum aches 
  • Heals ulcers 
  • Eliminates bad breath 
  • Strengthens weak enamel 
  • Whitens teeth by gently removing stains 
Read that it HEALS ULCERS, how awesome is that, because I have been carrying oral aid all the time because my mouth is prone to ulcer due to my favourite food chilly. So with the healing properties, I can't wait to try!

TruCare Malaysia Nano Silver Toothpaste is specially formulated with  Nano Colloidal Silver where it is well known for its effective anti-bacteria properties. It also contains Ag+ RapidHeal Factor. Ag+ is known to heal ulcers, gum aches and sore throats within just a few days' use and helps combat microbes and pathogenic organisms that cause bad breath. Used regularly, it will help accelerate the healing process of ulcers and other oral problems resulting in not only a fresher breath, but also rids your mouth of potentially harmful bacteria.

 Ingredient list 

I have tried this for some time and my first thought was it was super minty and I felt extremely refreshing & cooling after using them. The toothpaste texture is not as thick as others brands in the market however it cleans my teeth properly. My gums are pretty happy with it and experience no bleeding during the days I used them. I have not have any ulcer at the moment (touch wood) and I hope to see how it helps in my ulcer healing process in the future
While it is important to use the right toothpaste by brushing your teeth & flossing your teeth daily , you should not miss visiting the dentist every 6 months to make sure they are in good condition!

And yes you are lucky because TruCare Malaysia is giving free sample to let you try in their facebook, so hurry up & register one today at https://www.facebook.com/TruCareMalaysia

For more information on TruCare Malaysia Nano Silver Toothpaste visit www.trucare.com.my

TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste is priced at RM 14.50 for 95g, and currently it is available in selected denstist clinic & pharmacy. You can also purchased them online at their website and currently they are having a promotion where it is RM 9.90 per tube (min 2 tube purchase)


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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