Monday, December 16, 2013

3 months after my makeover, my hair still looked fabulous!

This is my current hairstyle now...after 3 months of hair makeover ... I still think it looked  fabulous! Since I have received some many enquiries about where I cut my hair I think I shall blog about this.

Remembered I had my first hair makeover earlier of the year where I cut my hair short after 10 years and had my hair coloured red in Centro Hair Salon in Gardens.

And 9 months down the line, my hair is long again and I went for a makeover again in Centro.

Seriously I love this hair cut & hair colour and I think one of the best haircut I ever had.. it is fresh and complement my face shape very well. 

I love the rose gold base colour !

I had front side highlight in copper. Instead of full head getting highlight, I got side front being highlighted because this is the new trend Kevin said he learnt from his London's trip.

Styling this hair is pretty easy as I just need to as most I need to do is to blow dry. And on special ocassion, I use this Loreal Professionnel Super Dust to style and create texture for the hair..super simple to use, just pour the powder on the hair and use fingers to comb through the hair to create the volume.

Thanks Kevin Woo who is the founder of Centro Hair Salon for the hair makeover! Twice in a row and I am pretty impressed with his skills and all I need to do is to sit back and relax... and he will decide what to do with it and assured me that it would look fabulous!

Many people told if you have short hair, you need to visit the salon every month to maintain it. I still remembered Kevin told me previously when he was cutting my hair that my hairstyle does not require much maintenance and even it is grew long it would still looked nice. True enough even after 3 months I had my haircut, the hairstyle does not go out of shape and still looking fabulous! I have friends who message me recently and asked me where I did my hair recently....(though did my hair 3 months ago). The colour of the hair though has fade a little and not looking as bright as before, it was alright if I want to keep them as long as I do touch up on the hair root soon! 

Personally I think short hairstyle makes me looked really young & cool and when hair grew longer, I looked more ladylike. I still think I like the short hair version so I guess I will cut my hair soon ....and would be keeping them for some time :)

By the way, Centro Hair Salon is currently offering 10% off on Restyle Package. You can call now for an appointment at Centro The Gardens Mall 03-22877330, Centro KLCC 03-21616330, Centro PrivĂ© KLCC 03-21623330. 

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