Friday, December 27, 2013

#SomebodyLikeMe HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

Each of us have the right to say NO to HIV/AIDS!

Last month I been posting some questions on my Facebook which to many this is a sensitive topic and someone even message and asked me why am I talking about it openly. Well the truth is I am participating with Durex’s #SOMEBODYLIKEME World AIDS Day Campaign to raise public awareness on how HIV can be contracted and what a young adult should know about sex protection. And I am glad to participate in this campaign because I have learn so much truth to clear my doubts on HIV/AIDS. It's 

The #SOMEBODYLIKEME Campaign is just the beginning and the common vision of a HIV/AIDS-free generation is only attainable if all of us ensure a continuous education process. 

And in the conjunction with World AIDS Day, Reckitt Benckiser’s Durex Malaysia (Durex) contributed RM8,000 and 50,000 pieces of Durex condoms to PT Foundation, Malaysia’s largest community-based HIV/AIDS organisation. The donations were raised in collaboration with retail giants Watsons Malaysia and Guardian Pharmacy Malaysia in support of PT Foundation’s on-going HIV/AIDS advocacy work and education programmes in Malaysia. 

The fundraising initiative was part of Durex’s #SOMEBODYLIKEME World AIDS Day Campaign. As part of the on-going charity drive, Durex has pledged to one piece of condom with every pack of Durex condoms purchased at Watsons and RM0.20 per pack purchased at Guardian was channelled to PT Foundation. #SOMEBODYLIKEME Campaign is month-long campaign launched on 15th November 2013 aimed at educating Malaysian youths on HIV/AIDS.

Over and above the fundraising effort, the #SOMEBODYLIKEME campaign also saw Durex working in collaboration with prominent social influencers on social media to educate youths on HIV/AIDS. Personalities including, Yang Berbahagia Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Niki Cheong, Reuben Kang, KlubbKidd KL aka Joe Lee, Audrey Pui Yan, Karena Cheow, Hanie Hidayah and Christopher Tock have been posting provocative statements and questions regarding HIV/AIDS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and YouTube, to encourage conversation among youths while reinforcing the fact that HIV/AIDS can infect and affect anyone, including ‘somebody like me'.

And as one of the social media influencers, I posted some questions in my Facebook on questions related to HIV/AIDS.

Surprisingly some of them are really open in sharing about their opinions. Though some are joking about this issues but the fact that they are willing to talk discuss about it is a good sign. To me this is a health issue that one need to be learn and need not be afraid because, with proper education and information we could protect ourselves.

Nelson Mandela dedicated his whole life improving the conditions and lives of children and youth which are affected HIV/AIDS. Although we may not be as influential as him but we can also take plays a part in creating a change and awareness. 

Mandela once said "It is in your hands to make a difference." 

Yes it's #SOMEBODYLIKEME and YOU that can make a difference for a better tomorrow!

To learn more about the #SOMEBODYLIKEME Campaign, HIV and AIDS, please visit

#SOMEBODYLIKEME HIV/AIDS campaign is a successful case out of the global campaigns done by Social Grooves. 

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