Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Palm Surgery On The Rise in Japan

 Have you been to a palm reading before ? Often these Master Palmist will tell us our fortune and destiny.

And often when they tell us that we have a bad fortune or destiny, we get so depressed right and regretted for doing the palm reading. And recently I came across a very interesting article in Daily Mail UK where there is an increasing demand for palm surgery; this Japanese based cosmetic trend is all about altering the lines on the palm of your hands in the hope it'll change your destiny and therefore improve your life. Although it might sound strange, many men and women are having palm surgery so that they can have longer financial and martial lines.

No doubt many of us have heard about palmistry, the ancient art of reading ones fortunes and destiny simply by reading the lines on our hands, yet only a minority of us ever give real thought to whether it truly works, let alone whether we could change it in some way. Yet in Japan the art is a very popular trend with palm readers charging up to £50 just to read the lines. In previous years clients would merely listen to their readings and accept whatever they've been dealt. However, it's now possible for you to 'master your own destiny' by altering those very markings on your hand.
The procedure involves the use of an electric scalpel as ordinary ones don't burn the skin to create the new lines, and as a result, the desired markings don't form. Furthermore, instead of the need for perfect precision, the lines burnt by the electric scalpel has to be shaky to make the lines look authentic. With anywhere from five lines up to ten being fleshly carved in a single procedure, the whole process normally takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete, however, it takes a further month for the wounds on the palm to heal, and the new lines to be formed. 

The biggest question on everyone's lips is whether it truly works. According to Dr Matsuoka, his patient, who desired a wedding line, wrote to him after the healing process and stated she had recently married. (wah maybe those singles out there should try this?) There are also other stories of patients altering their fortune lines and then winning large sums of money via the Lottery, and yet Dr Matsuoka isn't one of the firm believers in whether the surgery makes the difference, and instead wonders whether it is more a placebo effect than anything else.
Whatever your stance on the new trend, there is no denying that 2014 could soon be a year devoted to even more new and unusual cosmetic surgery advancements. I googled and found that this service is currently available in MYA an UK's cosmetic surgery specialists and I wonder if it's available in Malaysia now and would anyone thought of changing their palm lines?

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