Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2014 opens with a Stylish Slumber last night!

Yesterday was Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL 2014 opening night. A Stylish Slumber featuring Men &... More Men theme was chosen as the fashion festival which is running into it's 7th year paying tribute to Men's Fashion at its opening event signalling recognition for a fast growing fashion demographic.

Mr. Roland Folger, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said that "Mercedes-Benz always understand that couture and cars are a winning combination. This year we continue to push our partnership with STLO to present the best in fashion entertainment."

Datuk Nancy Yeoh, president and CEO of Stylo International recorded her appreciation to sponsors and media partner. She said that " This year we continue to dedicate one entire night to honouring men's fashion. We have a myriad of really good menswear and designers here and all they need is just better opportunities on important platform such as this. 

The fashion festival this year themed "Wearable Fantasies" started with ball rolling with a series of high profile, tongue-in-cheek styled men's fashion show with pyjamas being the dress code requested of the stylish set.

"Fashion's merely the excuse" is Stylo tagline, this fashion entertainment festival expanded its theatrics this year to include uniquely created cocktails as the Poppy Garden night spot is this year's venue of choice. A fashion cocktail bar took centrestage. Sexy "stylo-tini cocktails lined up the fashion bar backed by interesting bartenders and models who served dressed in pyjamas besides the uber fashionable props added further to the festival's appeal.

Joe Chia , Mercedes-Benz STYLO Young Designer runner up in 2009 opened the night with 02 - the symbolic number of his new line.

The symbolism of the number goes , in fact , far beyond. 02 reflects the philosophy of fraternity, which urges one to unite with like-minds and like-ideals. 01 is the meeting point of culture and the street , traditiona and music inspired by lifestyles whilst connecting people and ideas.

The Tom Abang Saufi brand is well-known for its designs with no zips and no buttom. On yesterday opening night, the Tom Abang Saufi Homme brand was introduced, a menswear line created for the men with an adventurous steak. Unforunately Tom Abang Saufi could not make it to the event and her daugher took his place instead.

Seasoned designer Datuk Tom Abang Saufi showcased her signature batik, pua kumbu designs on sarongs worn by bare chested men, which was one of many highlight of  the night .

Love how the images behind the vest offers surprises when the model took off their coat. 

Newcomer Kinslageer, a German designed based in Malaysia presented his take on menswear with a 1920''s twist. This husband and wife team features designs and tailor-make shirts, trouser, jackets, vests, neckties and bowties to casual wear and golf wear for easy elegant and comfortable wear.

The highlight of the night was the when Quater Homme took the stage with its underwear showcase. Take a deep breath before scrooling down to look at those toned and stylised male models. 

Stop and wipe your saliva... don't drool on your keyboard or handphone! 

Quater Homme has emerged as a leading brand and is well known for their extraordinary comfort and latest designs for men's underwear.

Group photo of all the VIPS and designers at Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL 2014 opening night.

Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2014 is now purely a fashion festival, which features all types of designs from current to even past collections, styled according to theme. Whereas Asia Fashion Week happening later this year is strictly B2B trade event featuring next season's collections where trade buyers meet and place order with designers to be manufactured and retailed later.

The STYLO signature during the opening night was evident throughout Poppy Garden was transformed into a French boudoir downstairs and Chinese boudoir upstairs at Passion under the theme "A Stylish Slumber"

Complete with big bed poster beds, bedside lamps, strategically placed partitions, fluffed-up pillows and sinful silk sheets to complete the look.

OOTN : I'm wearing Dorothy Perkins Pink Lace Dress

Although the dress code of sleep wear, party wear and under wear - only a small amount of people came in with the right attire and most of us went there "under dressed" ... Haha!

The Mercedes Benz STYLO Fashion Grand Prix 2014 runs from 24th - 29th of March 2014.  I will be there some of the nights to check out the collection! So stay tune! 

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