Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Part 1 : I love my Boracay Philippines Island Getaway!

 Hello everyone I am back from my holiday in Boracay Philippines! If you have been following my facebook fans page, instagram or twitter, you might saw of the pictures posted here already! 

Instead of a long blog post of my holiday (which might take a lot of my time to do it), I shall incorporate everything I remembered into my post ( I might have to break into few parts) so that you all could read this and find this useful if you are going there soon! And if you have more questions about my trip, leave a comment and I would try my best to answer.

Like I always do, I always bought my holiday destination air ticket when it  first launched because the price are relatively cheap! My bf and I bought our air ticket KUL-KAL(Kalibo) from AirAsia when they first launched this route back in January 2014 for RM122/person round trip, great deal right!! 

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kalibo will take approximately about 4 hours non-stop. And since the journey would be long, we already pre-booked our favourite Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak!

Upon landing at Kalibo International Airport, you can either pick to take bus, van or private car to go to the Caticlan Port which is about 1 hour 40 mins - 2 hours away. End up we picked the van for Php250 as we are told it's faster, more comfortable and the price includes a boat ticket to Boracay.

At Caticlan jetty, we are the required to pay Environmental fee Php75.00/person and Caticlan jetty terminal fee Php100.00/person before we could take our 10 mins ride ferry to Cagban jetty port in Boracay.

Cagban jetty port is located at the south of the Boracay Island and upon arriving the port you have a choice to take either a tricycle or motorcycle taxi to the your hotel. Usually tourist would book hotel in White Beach or Bulabog beach (depends on seasons) which is about 20 mins from the jetty. 

Here you need to negotiate and agree with the price before taking the tricycle. Usually driver would asked for Php100 for 2 persons to White Beach but I negotiated for Php40 for two to Station 3 of White Beach (as I remembered reading from the net that is what usually a local would pay).

We stayed in Arwana Hotel for our first three nights. This hotel is a beachfront hotel and it is located in Station 3 White Beach. We booked through Expedia and paid about RM167/night with breakfast. We used Cimb card to book and enjoy 10% discount, I remembered that the promotion ends 30 April 2014 i.e today!

The room is simple but clean. Wifi is a little bit weak in the room. Hotel provides free beach chair for hotel guests!

 The location is a bit too far from the nightlife in Station 1 and 2. And by walking, about 30 mins to Station 1 and 10-15 mins walk to D'Mall which is located in Station 2. If you like quiet night, enjoying sea breeze& star gazing this might be a great place to stay. On the contrary, if you are a party animal, I would suggest you to stay in Station 1 or 2. 

The reasons why we stayed in Station 3 because the rooms rate offers in travel websites are relatively cheaper. Besides that Station 3 is the centre for all the water activities, for eg Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Banana boat & etc.

Green turtle spotted in Boracay ?

For your information, now is summer season (March - May) in Boracay and White Beach is pretty calm and there is a lot of algae that is wash to the shore. Even though there is a lot of algae, bear in mind this is a peak season in Boracay and hotels are more expensive during this time. 

Hehe we realised the algae made the water looks greenish/bluish and looks really nice against the white sands in our photos! Locals told us that Dec and Jan would be great time to visit them as there will be no algae or very little of them. 

White Beach is 4km stretch long and not every part has algae. It does not really disturb me as I usually walk to towards the middle of the sea (which is still pretty shallow) and water is clear from algae. I love how the White Beach water is calm & shallow like a big swimming pool! Hence it's very suitable for kids to play on the beach! 

We also found out Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival (with AXN as their main sponsor) was happening on the 2nd day of our stay. We could see the dragon boat from near... while swimming at the sea! Quite a view and so much cheer from the crowd! 

Do you know why White Beach is named so ? It's because their sand is really WHITE and POWDERY! So fine to touch! And the local kids use this to their advantages to make money (very smart & skillful!), they build sand art and offer tourist to customise their names too!

I was trying to be creative and crafted my own name on the sand - not easy yo!

I'm wearing my new Debenham's Beach Collection : Black & white polka dot skirted swimsuit. 

Personally we prefer to swim in Station 2 or 1 as it is more crowded! Station 2 is where all the restaurants and D'Mall located.

Station 1 is where all the expensive resorts, pubs and Willy's Rock located! The sand here is the finest one among the 3 stations. Very powdery finishing that you barely can feel it!

You will see Willy's Rock appearing in most travel magazine or website because it is famous for its oddly shaped volcanic formation with Virgin Mary's statute on the top!

With statue of the Virgin Mary which is built on top of Willy's Rock.

And if you come to Boracay, you MUST TRY Jonah's Fruit Shake!!!

They are located in Station 1. and in total they have 3 outlets. One of them is beachfront (just opposite Willy's Rock) and starting this April 2014 this outlet is opened 24 hours daily. This Jonah's Shake beachfront outlet also a restaurant and you can choose to dine in here too! Tried their food not too bad!

What to try from Jonas's Shake ?
- Mango Banana & Banana Choco Peanut for Php110/each! They are so so so good!

Okay will continue my Boracay's trip story in the next post
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