Monday, June 16, 2014

Tiger Translate Party where Music meets Art!

I had a pretty rough day last Saturday, I lost my laptop again :( Anyway to forget the pain I went to Tiger Translate party to forget the pain and now I'm praying to find back my laptop (if that's ever possible). Back to the party, it was held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur... ie Kenanga City Mall! 

What is Tiger Translate if you asked me? 

Tiger Translate aims to celebrate global creativity through the exposure to different cultures and experiences. Bringing creative Artists from the East and West together, we showcase their artistic collaborations spanning the areas of music, design and art, fashion, dance, photography and more. And since 2005, Tiger Translate has been showcasing the best collaboration of music and arts in various cities including New York, London and Dubai. 

Hence I was really lucky to see a few of really nice piece of arts at the entrance of the event, however I was late to catch graffiti artiste Kenji Chai, tattooist Lynda Chean with graphic designers Tsu Ann and Jayme from Kickatomic doing live art project!

Ini Tiger Malaya :D

This is a cute one.. Tiger kitty :P

Thanks to Manoah, I got a pair of VIP tickets to the party where Editors, Chochukmo, Manic Sheep, Mad August, OJ Law and Indiego & Co is going to rock the stage at Tiger Translate in Kuala Lumpur!

Before we start drinking, we managed to grab burgers and nanchos to fill up our tummy! And the food is pretty good because they are from The Bee! 

And the cool thing, no cash is involve in the party (which is safer!) and basically each of us is given a RFID tag when we enter and you can top up money using credit card to buy food & drink! Talking about convenience!

We managed to catch the amazing performance by Editors! 

 Managed to take some really close up picture!

 Tom Smith's voice is unique, he is really talented too!

 Besides concert going on at the front, at the back there is trampoline where party goers can jump for free!

I was trying to be artistic also! So much fun messing with the paints while spraying on the Tiger Beer bottle!

It was an epic night of art and music right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and all thanks to Tiger Beer I had so much fun at Tiger Translate party as I managed to release my stress and forget my sorrow for a while! 

And one day ....I will ROAR again when I recovered from my pain! 

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Check out their instagram - @tigerbeermy

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