Thursday, July 17, 2014

Watch Astro on the Go for FREE!

Did any of you managed to visit Astro on the Go (AOTG) Campus roadshow last month? I dropped by Help Uni campus to check out the roadshow after my events that day because am curious about the promotions and free gifts!

Managed to snap a picture of the crew before they are busy signing up the the crowd!

Emcee busy attracting the students!

Although it was scorching hot that day but that did not stop students from coming to the booth to check out the Astro on the Go booth!

The friendly crews are busy explaining what is Astro on the Go all about and how one can install them in their smartphone, table and computer for free!

I realised a lot of guys came by the booth when they saw the World Cup poster at the booth! First question they asked, got free World Cup match to watch ah ?

Super Pack, Multiroom, Sports Pack & Value Pack customers:
These 4 types of customers get free access to AOTG, channels are dependent on what they currently have on their TV – and provided that the channel is also available on AOTG
Below channels are available to those who sign up for only a free ID
  • Astro Awani channel – for news and informative programmes.          
  • Selected Astro ARENA content – the first 24/7 Malay language sports channel in Malaysia.
  • First episodes of popular shows / drama series e.g.: MasterChef All Stars, Maharaja Lawak Mega 2013, etc.
  • Selected movies e.g.: selected local & international movies
  • Selected LIVE sports e.g.: Liga

And if you have an existing Astro account, you can just pay additional RM10 to enjoy the same Astro channels in your package (that are available on Astro on the Go) once you signed up on your Astro on the Go!

And once you registered and logged in, you can actually choose to subscribe and get more channels and content on their AOTG. 

There are lots of features and offers and it’s up to you to select which suits you the best! 

And as I mentioned in my previous post that with every sign up, not only one get very exclusive Astro merchandiser but entitle to do lucky dip...

Guess who are the lucky ones to win this one month free subscription?

The guy in the middle is sure happy about his winning!

In case you did not managed to visit any of Astro on the Go Campus roadshow, you still can register for an ASTRO ID for free at

You can either watch it using your computer straight from the website or download the Astro On the Go apps from your Google Play Store or App Store and stream it straight from your device. 

I believe most of you own a laptop, smartphone or even a tablet rather than a tv right (unless you stayed with your parent), so now with Astro on the Go you do not worry that you will miss any of your favourite show or even the World Cup matches because you can watch it anytime, anywhere as long you have internet connection!

I bet a lot of you didn’t know I’m a World Cup fan and I’m glad that I could now watch some World Cup matches on my Astro on the Go anywhere I want! 

Register now at

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