Friday, November 14, 2014

My Christmas #BoldConfessions

Been quarantine myself at home this week because I had eyes infection. Feeling down and bored lah....till I receive this mysterious invite from Guinness! Guinness challenge me to do Bold Confessions! Okay, challenged accepted!

I know Santa would be checking who’s been naughty or nice this year. Well it's time to wipe the slate clean so that we can start the New Year afresh in 2015!

The first bold step on the way to a clean slate is to step up, own up, and confess to your naughty deeds this past year with Guinness!

I'm guilty as charged!

 I am really addicted to travelling.... can't stop thinking where to go next every single day...... I think what my life dream is to be a world traveler!

Santa ...I promise I would be work hard so that I would I would make a lot lot lotsss of money to go traveling! 

That's my confession! What are yours, take your challenge and share it with Guinness #BoldConfessions ! 

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