Monday, February 9, 2015

Pamper your hands with L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition Hand Cream set!

Since Valentine's day is this weekend, some of my friend asked me what to get for their partner? You can really forget about roses because it's expensive during Valentine's Day and not practical at all! Why not get this super cute limited edition L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition Hand Cream which was decorated with designs by well-known French illustrator, Soledad Bravi.

Born in Paris in 1965, Soledad Bravi is a intellectual, independent and confident woman, all at the same time. A creative soul, she worked as Creative Director in an advertising agency. Harbouring a passion for illustration, Soledad began spending more time honing her craft, and finally received the recognition she’d always dreamed of when she was selected to illustrate a regular column for ELLE magazine. Her cute illustrations, often featuring a young woman, won the hearts of ELLE readers. Her simple yet clean strokes, combined with vibrant colours, bring each character she draws to life. Soledad has worked extensively with many clients, including Nike, French departmental store Colette and stationery brand Papeterie. Most recently, her collaboration with French patisserie Pierre Herme for their macaron boxes has gained positive reviews from foodies and art lovers alike.

Not only the L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition Hand Cream packaging looks really cute but the hand cream itself smell as good or even better than the flowers! Also it works wonder on my hands keeping my hands moisturize and soft thanks to their main ingredient i.e shea butter! And the best thing is that it does leave any greasy feeling after using it! ! Well It's my Holy grail hand cream I carry in my handbag everyday!

See how Soledad Bravi brings her illustrations to life on the labels of 4 bestselling L’occitane Hand Creams, each inspired by a different season of the year! Ahhhh too much cuteness to handle! 

Delicately floral 
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 
Inspiration: Spring 

After a long winter’s sleep, the Cherry Blossom unfurls its paper-thin petals underneath the morning sun in Spring. Lightly-textured and non-greasy, this floral hand cream contains Shea Butter to smooth and moisturise skin, while Cherry Extract from the Luberon region of Provence leaves skin delicately perfumed. Perfect to kick-start a slow morning.

Cool and refreshing 
Verbena Hand Cream 
Inspiration: Summer

Keep your hands adequately protected despite the heat and humidity! The unique gel-cream dries to a matte, powdery finish that won’t feel sticky, greasy or heavy, so you can reapply to your heart’s content. Enriched with Organic Verbena Extract and Tapioca Powder to soothe and absorb oil, keep calm and beat the heat with this hand cream.

Soft and sensual 
Almond Hand Cream 
Inspiration: Autumn 

Envelope your hands in the sweet, delectable scent of Almonds. Almond Milk and Almond Oil help to nourish and soften hands, perfect for all-day hydration without leaving behind any greasy marks. Wind down after a long day and breathe in the calming fragrance while allowing your hands to rest. Never forget to pamper yourself.

Protective repair 
Shea Hand Cream 
Inspiration: Winter 

For times when your hands need extra tender loving care, there’s always the ever-reliable Shea Hand Cream to turn to. 20% Shea Butter, Honey and Sweet Almond Extract glide onto skin to help heal and protect, effectively banishing dryness and dehydration. It’s also enriched with Vitamin E to nourish. No wonder it’s L’OCCITANE’s bestselling hand cream!

There are a total of two L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition Hand Cream set that was designed by Soledad Bravi to picked up this Valentine's Day lah, good for gift for mother, sister, best friends or even your boyfriend or girlfriend! 

L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition Hand Cream Deluxe Hand Cream Box - RM156 

The hand cream lover will definitely adore this – four different Hand Creams in one beautiful red box, each adorned with a cute label, you’ll be spoilt for choice! You will be getting these :-

Shea Hand Cream 30ml 
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml 
Verbena Hand Cream 30ml 
Almond Hand Cream 30ml 
Limited edition metal box

L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition Mini Hand Cream Pouch, RM71 

Four mini Hand Creams, housed in a convenient zippered pouch, let you keep your hands protected from external elements, no matter where you are. You will be getting these :-

Shea Hand Cream 10ml
Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 10ml
Verbena Hand Cream 10ml
Almond Hand Cream 10ml
Nail file
Limited edition pouch

I'm sure a lot of us know fine lines and wrinkles on the same is a sign of aging but do you know that your hands are also a tell-tale sign of your age? The skin on the backs of your hands is as fragile as the skin around your eyes, and because there is very little fat underneath the skin, signs of ageing become very apparent. So do make sure you don't take your hands for granted! Make sure you pamper them L'occitane shea hand cream! 

L'occitane x ELLE Limited Edition set is now available in any L'occitane stores in Malaysia & as well on their website. 

To know more, visit their sites below  (online shopping available for L'ocittane Malaysia!)

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