Saturday, June 20, 2015

Away travelling to Sri Lanka when I'm young and able!

I saw this quote on the other day in the Facebook and I totally agree with the statement. I know I has been missing from my blog for a while because I'm busy making money to go travel! I knew I just came back from a few trips (Taiwan, Krabi, Hatyai) last few months, but it isn't enough (well it is never enough right?). I love to travel and this is not a secret, how do I do it so often..most of the times (well almost 99%) I paid for my trip. I don't splurge on luxury items like handbags and expensive food instead save it for my trip. I put away  50% of my earning every month for me go holiday. So with proper financial planning anyone can go holiday few times a year. And holiday does not mean it must be far.

So when AirAsia has the secret sale last April, I just book my trip. I'm flying to Colombo (Sri Lanka) today and would explore there for the next 7 days! So excited!! I knew this is not a popular first destination for many people but do you know...Sri Lanka has safari!!! And I wanted to go for safari to see elephants and leopard in the wild! Besides that they have really nice beaches, Ceylon tea mountain and temples to be explored. I shall share with you guys when I'm back ..and I'm active in my instagram and facebook. So if you want to see my travelling photos, do follow me :D 

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So far as you can see from my Tripadvisor travel map I have been actively exploring ASEAN countries for the past few years and hopefully by next year, I would have travel to Vietnam and Laos to complete my journey in exploring all 10 ASEAN country. And next target is Europe! 

My motto in life!

So what you are waiting now, money and job can wait but our time and youth is not waiting for us. So if you are always wanted to go some more, do make it comes true! World is so big and there are so many wonderful experiences waiting for us to unlock!

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