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Review : Nuvit Deer Placenta Softgel rewind my ageing clock!

I posted a picture of myself at a wedding dinner on my Instagram & Facebook over the weekends because I want to "show off" my beautiful vintage earring. A friend commented why your skin looks so smooth... so here I'm to reveal the reasons why skin are looking glowing nowadays!

I was given a box of Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel to try by Y.S.P Industries one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia.  Yes you read it correctly it's placenta from deer.

In case you are wondering, no deer is killed during the extraction of the placenta as the placenta was extracted when deer gave birth.

Do you know the difference between collagen and placenta?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is commonly found in the bones, muscles and skin that provides structural support, strength and a degree of elasticity. However, Collagen production declines with age and also others environment factors such as UV light. Thus, collagen supplement has been introduced to restore the collagen in our body. Although there are many skincare products that containing collagen but collagen molecules themselves are too big to be absorbed through the skin. They are most likely attributable to their moisturizing effects, but they do not strengthen the skin or directly increase collagen concentration in the skin. 

On the other hand, Placenta contains placental protein, Insulin-like Growth Factor-1(IGF-1), superoxide dismutases(SOD), hyaluronic acid, fibroblast growth factor(FGF), epithelial growth factor (EGF), senescent cell activating factors (SCAFs) and cytokines. These are the essential protein and cells that our body needed to rejuvenate and regenerate. Placenta protein has been proven to be twice as active as glutathione for skin whitening function. IGF-1 is one of the growth factor that promotes cell growth and development. FGF, EGF, and SCAFs are also growth factors that helps to activate the renewal of aged cels and stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and epidermis within the skin. SOD is an important antioxidant to protect the cells against superoxide activity. Hydraluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer. Cytokines found in placenta can also improve blood circulation and enhance immune function. 

Overall, Placenta contains much more essential active cells that aid in slowing down aging process and stimulate rejuvenation of our body. Instead, collagen also helps to replenish the amount of collagen in the body and it works to improve skin (externally) only. So if you want a more effective supplement to help to slow down aging process and works to improve internal body to external skin (that inner glow) , it's definitely better to go for placenta. 

Often I heard once you stop consuming collagen, it has adverse side effect and your skin go back to the original look and become dull and dry. Not sure how true, can anyone share if this is real?

Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel is extracted from the deer in New Zealand. Deer Placenta has been widely accepted as the premier source of placenta because it's considered to be higher order animal. It resembles human placenta very closely due to its biocompatibility with human and provokes no allergies reaction.

Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel use the concept of cell therapy to renew the old and degenerated cells in human body. Studies have confirmed that live or freeze-dried cells in placenta contain therapeutic agents that can find their way to the weak or damages cells or organs, thus initiating the repairing work. Cell therapy is one of the safest and most effective ways proven by many scientists to : -

  • slow down ageing process
  • reverse degenerate disease
  • increase vitality 
  • increase stamina improve general health 
  • enhance sexual function. 
Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Soft Softgel is extracted using the latest advanced cell extraction and freeze-drying technology to ensure freshness and efficacy of the extract. The whole manufacturing process has followed strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the safety and goodness quality of the essence. 

2,000 mg of New Zealand deer placenta is extracted which then undergoes 10:1 extraction ratio and is condensed into a standardized, bioactive 200mg deer placenta extract

On top of that Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel also consists of 5 natural and wellness ingredients which are rich in antioxidant, effective in protecting cells from radical damage. The ingredients are as follows :-
  • 60mg soy lecithin : gives excellent source of choline which may aid in memory ad cognitive function, cardiovascular health and liver function.
  • 50mg grape seed extract : reduce inflammation and improving cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism
  • 40mg tomato extract : provides antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals damages
  • 40mg marigold extract : able to protect eyes by absorbing harmful blue light, reducing glare as well as reduce progression of age-related macular degeneration
  • 285mg mixed tocotrienol : natural super antioxidant with anti-ageing properties. Helps to protect skin from damage and ageing.

To be honest this is my first time trying out placenta supplement and I was really skeptical until I was convinced about the benefits which I have shared above. I was relief to find out no deer has been killed during the placenta extraction. 

Each box of Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel consists 42 softgels. There are a total of 7 strips with 6 softgels sealed safely in each strip.

Ingredients are clearly written behind each strip
  • 200mg deer placenta extract
  • 60mg soy lecithin 
  • 50mg grape seed extract 
  • 40mg tomato extract 
  • 40mg marigold extract 
  • 285mg mixed tocotrienol
This is how Nuvit Deer Placenta Softgel looks like. It has no scent as the ingredients are locked in the softgel. This softgel must be taken with water where you can swallow it with water.

I been taking this daily after breakfast since early April 2016 and finally I finished it mid May.

The first thing I realised is my skin actually glows and the thing is I haven't change my skincare routine since I started consuming Nuvit Deer Placenta Softgel. I haven't see such a glow from my face for very long I think must be this supplement that gives me this glow from within.

And I also realised my skin pores size has reduced and skin texture appears smoother! 

Besides that I find that my mood swing & menstrual pain has reduced probably because this Nuvit Deer Placenta helps to balance up my hormones in my body lah.... 

I know placenta is not a common health supplement, but to me this is really effective and worth to try looking at the results. With our busy and and stressful life in city, definitely we will face premature ageing due to a lot of factors such as air pollution, radiation from sunlight, cigarette smoking (we suffer as 2nd hand smokers most of the time!) and not enough of sleep. 

In order to prevent / rewind my ageing clock, I'm willing to try placenta to renew and regenerate the cells in my body because I know it's one of the safest and most effective ways proven by many scientists to slow down the ageing process. Besides it also helps to reverse degenerative disease, increase vitality and stamina, improve general health and enhance sexual function.

Nuvit Deer Placenta Softgel normal selling price is RM532.40 for 42 softgels. It's available in all leading pharmacies, Chinese Medical Hall or online at where you now can ENJOY 10% off by keying this discount code 256443753 at the website. And also there is an ongoing promotion till 31 December 2016, with every purchase of 6 boxes of Nuvit Deer Placenta , you can redeem one box for FREE (and buy 12 boxes you can redeem 3 boxes for FREE!) 

For more updates follows their facebook page at and contact 1800-88-3679 for more information.

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  1. This is so informative, I really want to try! My secret so far has been Yu-Be, a Japanese line--their Moisturizing Skin Cream is soo effective.


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