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SEP Jeju Mask Pack from South Korea is now available exclusively in Watsons Malaysia!

Few days ago the South Korea's leading beauty brand, SEP launched their SEP Jeju Mask Pack in Malaysia.

Made in Korea, each mask contains clean & natural key ingredients from Jeju Island which is known by the locals for clean water & refreshing air all year round! Personally I haven't been to Jeju Island but I have heard so much about it from my families & friends. Jeju Island has really fertile soil formed by volcanic eruptions 2 million years ago and it's a home to a unique and rich ecology with abundance of flora & fauna.

SEP Jeju Mask Pack will be available exclusively in Watsons Malaysia.

Something caught my attention during the launch last week, I found out that this SEP has really a lot of collaboration with famous Korean makeup artist such as Son & Park who are the senior makeup artist for Jeon Ji-Hyun, Kang Dong-Won, Yu A-In, Koh Hyun-Jung and Lee Hyo-Ri and Seungwon Kim who is the Asia's first Christian Dior makeup artist professor. Quite impressive I think!

In total there are four types of SEP facial mask namely :- 

SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask
SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask
SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask
SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask.

SEP Tangerine Brightening Mask

This mask brightens dry and dull looking skin with Jeju tangerine and cucumber that contain rich amount of nutrients, such as Vitamin C which enhances the brightening process and helps to diminish the look of existing pigmentation. It contains all-natural ingredients harvested in Jeju Island such as Devil’s claw herb that is anti-inflammatory and has sterilization effect. Daisy is great for detoxification and whitening effect, Edelweiss and Niacinamide that has high content of water-soluble Vitamin B3 which helps skin whitening.

SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturizing Mask 

This ultra-moisturizing mask gives dry complexions a revitalizing and hydrating boost it deserves as the cactus fruit has a high content of Vitamin C. It also contains many other nourishing natural ingredients from Jeju Island including Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Hyaluronic Acid and Basil. To enhance the absorption of the nutrients, Oat Seed is added to the mask to gently exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes the skin. This mask is suitable for sensitive skin as it comes with Salvia extract – a herb that is anti-inflammatory and has sterilization effect that helps revive and heals the skin.

SEP Canola Honey Nourishing Mask 

Formulated with concentrated honey extract from Jeju Canola Honey that is high in protein, fatty acid, vitamins and minerals that deeply nourishes and intensely hydrates the skin. The addition of Centella Asiatica, also known as "tiger grass", that contains a significant amount of madecassic acid helps to revive dull and dehydrated skin. Rose water, chamomile, and lavender that were added into the mask offers a lovely scent that provides soothing effect suitable for relieving anxiety, while aloe vera is known for its nourishing properties that moisturise dry skins, providing the skin with a healthy glow.

SEP Green Tea Soothing Mask 

This ultimate soothing mask is loaded with high concentration of green tea extract that comforts irritated skin, resulting in healthier and more radiant-looking complexion. While tea tree has anti-bacterial and sterilization reaction that deeply soothes the skin, Centella Asiatica has madecassic acid substance that helps in skin renewal. On top of that, Propolis, Yam Essence and Lavender help refresh and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

So can you guess which one I will be trying out?

I have tried many kind of masks but not Cactus Fruit!Well we all know how cactus have really strong survivor skill in dessert. SEP Cactus Fruit Moisturising Mask is stated to be a ultra moisturizing mask that gives hydration with cactus fruit ingredient grown in Jeju, making skin moist. The mask sheet is thin but well moisturize with essence and it was easy to put on my face. 

To enable maximum absorption of the essence and nutrient by the skin, SEP Jeju Mask Pack uses an innovative formula known as air pocket sheet. Specifically designed to fit any face, the mask sheet contains small airy space on the facial mask fabric that adheres to the skin to encapsulate air and lock in the active-rich essence, providing a more effective absorption of nutrient for the skin. 

After washing my face and applying my oner, I put on the mask and let it on for 10-20 minutes. While waiting I was listening to my favourite music. 

Not wasting any single drop of essence from the mask, I usually squeeze it  before applying on my face, neck and hands for better absorption. Overall I feel the mask is pretty moisturizing and did deliver what it promises. And it's gentle to the skin as well.

Overall I felt that SEP Jeju Mask pack is easy to use nutrient rich mask suitable for women (and man) of all age and skin types. SEP Jeju Mask Pack is now available exclusively in Watsons Malaysia from January 2017. It will be priced at RM5.90 per piece and RM24.90 per box of 5 pieces. 

Good news to all of you here, there will be a 1-day crazy deal on 1st January 2017 whereby SEP Jeju mask will be available at only RM1 per piece! Don't forget to grab this deal to try out ya!!! 

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