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Get your wines delivered within 3 hours in Klang Valley with WineTalk this CNY!

Wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago by accident when native yeasts stuck to grapes stored in containers turned the sugars in the grapes into alcohol. And today wine become our favorite beverage to a lot of us. I read in an article in Telegraph UK and found out here are some interesting benefits from drinking wine? could actually

1) Stop weight gain - this has not work on me yet lah... but according to the recent study from Washington State University, in 2012 researchers in Korea found that another compound found in red grapes called 'piceatannol' has the ability to block the processes that cause fat cells to grow.

2) Prevent cancer -  Scientists have revealed that 'resveratrol' may also help to prevent head and neck cancer. Researchers found that the compound has the potential to kill the damaged cells that can lead to certain cancers

3) Stop bug bites - If you have a bed bug problem, drinking a glass of red wine before bed could be the solution. Research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, found that bed bugs prefer blood that isn't tainted by alcohol. 

4) Prevent memory loss -  Using rats, researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine found that reseveratrol helped prevent age-related memory decline. Once the rats who had been treated with resveratrol were two years old, they had improved learning, memory and mood function. 

5) Help you live longer - Scientists have found that resveratrol suppresses molecules that cause inflammation and compounds in the blood which interfere with the production of insulin, thus helping us to live longer and healthier lives. The researchers, from the University of Buffalo, also found resveratrol reduced the development of type 2 diabetes and strokes..

Whatever the reasons are for you to drink wine, I think basically wine makes us feel happy lah...

If you are a wine lover like me, you got to check out WineTalk as they are the largest online shop in Malaysia with more than 2,800 labels of wines available. There are white wines, red wines, champagnes, sparkling wines, rosé wines and even non-alcoholic wines for you to pick to be  delivered straight to your home or preferred address. On top of that they also have  beer ciders and spirits such as whisky, brandy, vodka etc.

They even have a team of dedicated wine advisors to attend to your needs and give you advice on your wine inquiries, may it be food and wine pairing, or simply choosing wines to serve for dinner.

They said that they want you to love the wine you're with so they guarantee satisfaction on all our products. If you're not happy with something, just let them know via email and they will swap the bottle for you. Wow!

On top of that, they pledge for "
Delivery Guarantee" where they don’t just take pride in our products, they are pretty obsessed about the quality of their service too. Their Fast & Fabulous delivery service will ensure your order will be delivered within the same (or next) business day (Klang Valley) or by the next day (Outside Klang Valley) if purchased by 3pm. If they late, we’ll refund your delivery fee. Sounds totally promising right?

What caught my eyes was WineTalk website has a section where promise you to get your wine within 3 hours. This delivery is valid on orders placed between 9am-6pm from Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays within Klang Valley (key in your postcode to see your area is covered!). They promise deliveries will be done within the same day up to 9pm (Find how here how you can get your wine delivery within 3 hours)!! Well I checked my placed was covered and make some order... Lucky enough they offer flat rate fee of RM19 for deliveries, means even if you order few cartons the delivery fee is the same!

Within 2 hours I got my wine landed on my table. Properly packed in card box hand delivered by Wine Talk courier guy! Super impressive with their service!! I think this is perfect for us who likes to do last minutes party at home or even to have some wine over dinner or movie! No need to carry and just chill at home to get your wines deliver leh!

So I picked up 3 bottles of wines recommended by wine advisors in WineTalk and these Chateau du Seuil labels are exclusive to WineTalk.

Chateau du Seuil was built between the 13th and 14th Century and is located just 10km north from Aix-en-Provence, in the heart of the Provence. The 300-hectare domain has a magnificent view that spans from the Sainte Victoire in the east to the Mediterranean in the south west, surrounding by a woods and a great biodiversity of deer, partridges, hares or wild boar, taking opportunity to pick the local wild thyme. 

The Chateau de Seuil develops wines that have a unique character among the best wines of Provence. Situated on a plateau, at an altitude between 350 and 450 meters, the vineyard benefits from the sun and a particularly favourable and diverse terroir for growing grapes: dry, filtering limestone soil with diversified exposure; a dry and hot climate in summer but cool at night; a permanent and beneficial Mistral breeze that reduces the risk of disease; an altitude that limits the alcohol content of wines and gives them freshness.


Price: RM110.00 (includes GST) 
Country: France 
Grapes: Grenache & blends 
Type: Rose wine Region: Provence 
Flavour: Fruity 
Body: Full 
Alcohol Level: 13.0% 

This is a superb, classic Provence Rose – with a light, shiny, bright, clear salmon colour, it shows red fruits and white flowers aromas blossom on the first nose. A gourmet citrus juice carries through on the palate in a fresh and lively impulse. An elegant and exquisite final delights the taste-buds. 

I love this rose wine, taste so sweet and smooth. This Château du Seuil rosé can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or as a match for grilled meats and Mediterranean dishes. Highly recommend to you guys to try out this! 


Price: RM110.00 (includes GST)
Country: France
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon & blends
Type: Red wine
Region: Provence
Flavour: Fruity
Body: Full
Alcohol Level: 13.0%
Vintage: 2013
Link :

This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah & Grenache is aged in large concrete tanks to keep the freshness of the fruits. It offers intense red colour, powerful with tannins present but silky, red and black fruits notes. This is a deep, generous, fruitful and beautiful wine, perfect with roasted or grilled beef. 

Price: RM98.00 (includes GST)
Country: Italy
Grapes: Pinot Grigio & blends
Type: White wine Region: Friuli
Flavour: Fruity Body: Medium
Alcohol Level: 13.5%
Vintage: 2015

Conti Formentini was created in 1520 by the Formentini family; Venetian Counts, when they purchased the existing castle in the town of San Floriano del Collio, the highest hilltop village in eastern Friuli and the surrounding feudal lands. Wine from the vineyards surrounding the Castello Formentini and the hills of San Floriano have been made here ever since and the Formentini cellar is considered one of the oldest in Collio. Selected from vines growing at around 250m height, their Pinot Grigio is aged on its lees for about 6 months to add depth and richness. It offers an ample and pervasive perfume with an engaging fragrance of wild honey, walnut husks and dry flowers. It is dry, smooth and creamy on the palate and offers a fresh, harmonic flavour with a very persistent finish of pears and fruit with ripe yellow flesh. 

This wine is light golden color with yellow highlights. The taste is dry, smooth, creamy, fresh and very harmonious. Love how the aroma with hints of peach and pear I think. 

Here I wan to share some nuts and wine pairing tips I have learn from WineTalk.

Hazelnuts – Chardonnay, Syrah 
Chestnuts – Merlot Walnuts – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon 
Candied Walnuts – Cabernet, Riesling 
All types of Pecans – Pinot Noir or any lighter red wines, Riesling 
Roasted nuts of all kinds – Rich, red wines 
Spicy almonds or pecans – Cava 
Cashews or pistachios – Lighter, zesty, summer-friendly wines 
Almonds of any kind – Prosecco, cava, champagne 

This is just a guide for nuts & wine pairing and best for you to try and experiment with your taste buds to see which is suitable to you

Well I personally love to shop in WineTalk, plenty of selection, proper information and review stated all in one page. It was easy to browse, buy and get it deliver without any hassle! Seriously the 3 hours guarantee delivery thingy is totally a winner... better & faster service than Lazada or Zalora lol! 

With CNY in less a week time & Valentine in next 3 weeks, well there are more reasons to drink & celebrate! I saw Winetalk having some CNY promo for their exclusive wines at 18% off with code: HUATAH. For more information, how to buy affordable wide range of wines, alcohol, ciders and spirits or  in Malaysia don't forget to visit 

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