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Addressing the Myths About Revision Rhinoplasty

The Commonality of Revision Rhinoplasty Procedures 

People are used to hearing stories in the media about celebrities getting a series of rhinoplasty procedures. However, most patients will only need one rhinoplasty procedure. The reports in the media become famous for a reason. In many cases, it's because those situations are so rare. Patients should not immediately assume that they will need two or three rhinoplasty procedures. In all likelihood, they will not. 

It's also important to remember why some people will get revision rhinoplasty procedures in the first place. Patients do not always get a revision rhinoplasty procedure because the surgical team made an error. The patient might just be unhappy with the result. 

Aesthetics can be subjective. A rhinoplasty procedure that's completely medically successful could still fail to meet the patient's personal standards. People who look at the statistics concerning revision rhinoplasty procedures should keep that in mind. 

A revision rhinoplasty procedure might be necessary for medical reasons. However, these medical reasons might not be as dire as some people believe. Patients might have very slight breathing difficulties after the initial surgery. Some people might just not like the feel of breathing through their smaller nostrils. 

Getting used to a new nose can be tricky for some patients. They might like the appearance of their new features. However, being satisfied with a new nose can be more complicated than that. Patients might end up seeking a revision rhinoplasty procedure for very personal reasons. 

It is still important to note that a rhinoplasty procedure is ideally supposed to be done once. There are cosmetic procedures that involve several different appointments. For instance, people who use facial fillers to change the appearance of their noses will have to get their results updated again and again.

Some cosmetic procedures really are temporary. Rhinoplasty procedures are not. It really is possible to have a single rhinoplasty procedure with no additional revisions.

Having the right perspective on rhinoplasty procedures is essential. It's important for patients not to assume that they will automatically need a revision rhinoplasty procedure. It's also just as important for them to not be nervous if they do need one. 

People might be concerned when they hear that revision rhinoplasty procedures are not as routine as they might think. That doesn't mean that the situation is automatically much more serious than they might have thought initially. 

Many people never need a second rhinoplasty procedure. A second rhinoplasty procedure might be necessary in some cases for various reasons. People who are aware of both of these facts will find it easier to approach the rhinoplasty procedures that they need with a realistic attitude. 

Recovering From a Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure 

Many people are under the impression that a revision rhinoplasty procedure will always be worse than the first one. Some people might feel worse emotionally about the procedure. All patients react differently to procedures emotionally. However, there is no reason to believe that a revision rhinoplasty procedure will always be worse than the initial rhinoplasty procedure in any way. 

Some people go into a revision rhinoplasty procedure expecting that they will experience a lot of pain afterwards. There is no reason to believe that this will be the case. This second procedure may even be less painful than the first. There might be some minor aches. However, it's still unlikely that patients will have to cope with severe pain following a revision rhinoplasty procedure. 

People won't quite feel like themselves if it's only been one or two days after the procedure. A rhinoplasty procedure is still a significant surgery. However, it still usually takes two weeks at the most for the recovery period to end. Patients usually feel completely normal after a little over a week. Some people might find it easier to recover from a revision rhinoplasty procedure. They know what to expect this time. People also might be more satisfied with the results of this surgical procedure. The second procedure might be better than the first in more ways than one. 

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedures and Safety 

Some patients believe that a rhinoplasty procedure is only safe if it is performed once. However, a revision rhinoplasty procedure should not be any riskier than the patient's first surgery. 

 All surgeries will carry some inherent risks. A small minority of patients will develop infections as a result of any surgery. However, there is no reason to believe that a second rhinoplasty procedure will be more dangerous than the first. 

It is true that people who have had several revision rhinoplasty procedures might have a comparatively difficult recovery period. Getting a second rhinoplasty procedure is relatively common. However, many cosmetic surgeons do try to avoid giving the same patient more than two rhinoplasty procedures. 

Cosmetic surgeons do not usually worry about the underlying tissues of the nose after the first or second rhinoplasty procedure. These concerns can become more reasonable when patients consider the possibility of a third or fourth procedure. 

Patients might have heard of cases involving other patients who had several rhinoplasty procedures in a row. The risks associated with rhinoplasty procedures can get worse when people have the surgery over and over again. However, people do not have to worry about these issues when they're about to have their second rhinoplasty procedure. 

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon 

Patients who choose the right cosmetic surgeons will usually get the results that they want from their procedures. Dr. Schoenfeld is a cosmetic surgeon who can help a wide range of patients. Patients who are specifically interested in rhinoplasty procedures absolutely should look for a cosmetic surgeon who has performed them over and over again. Dr. Schoenfeld is a great example.

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