Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fraxel or Microneedling? Which is the best option?

Your face is your most noticeable feature. You can think of it as your calling card. It's the part of you that people will remember. It's also what makes you so unique. When something affects the appearance of your face, it can be really upsetting. You may have issues with the texture of your skin or scarring. Pigmentation issues could really bother you. 

Wrinkles are another problem that come with getting older. Many of the issues with your skin can stem from a lack of proper skin care when you were younger. Exposure to the sun, acne, and aging are other factors. Regardless of why you have a problem with your skin, you want to find answers. You can try skin creams and cosmetics, but they can only do so much. When you want more pronounced results, consider cosmetic procedures that can produce changes in your skin. Two popular options are Fraxel and microneedling. 

Understanding Fraxel 

A Fraxel treatment for enhancing your skin involves the use of a laser. The laser light targets areas of concern on your face, penetrating the deep layers with carefully controlled amounts of energy. This energy produces heat. It will damage the old skin in order to allow healthy, new skin to be created. Your collagen production will be stimulated as well. In the end, your skin will have a revitalized appearance. 

Understanding Microneedling Microneedling involves the use of a handheld device. This device has numerous, tiny needles that are applied to your skin in the area where you need treatment. The needles penetrate the skin, damaging the skin in such a way that it will trigger the body's natural processes to begin repairing itself. Improved circulation and an increase in the production of collagen can improve the surface of your skin. 

Which Treatment is Right for You? 

Both types of treatments are used to target a variety of problems that affect your skin. Age spots, blemishes from the sun, scarring from acne or other injuries, and effects of aging can respond in a positive way after microneedling or Fraxel laser treatments. Cost may be a consideration. Laser treatments involve more expensive equipment and those costs will be passed on to the patient. When it comes to your personal comfort, a laser treatment penetrates your skin at a deeper level. You may end up with more pronounced side effects and discomfort. Microneedling does not affect your skin on such a deep level. Your recovery time will be shorter. If you have a milder concern with your skin, consider microneedling. If your issues are more extreme, the Fraxel laser will be more effective when you want to see a dramatic change in the appearance of your skin. 

What to Expect from Your Treatments? 

 Both types of treatments are performed in your doctor's office. If you have the herpes virus and get cold sores around your nose and mouth, be sure to tell your plastic surgeon. You can be given a prescription that will keep you from having a flare-up of this virus that remains dormant until something triggers it. Before a Fraxel treatment, your skin will be numbed using a topical anesthetic. Cool air will be used to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment. Each treatment lasts about a half hour. When it is over, you are likely to feel like you have a sunburn, but your discomfort won't last long. You can expect at least three treatments to have the best results. You may need as many as five. Your treatments will be spaced out at least a month apart to allow your skin to rejuvenate itself. When you have a microneedling treatment, you can expect to come in for a session that will last between a half hour and an hour. Your face will be coated with a numbing cream before your treatment begins. During treatment, you will feel the vibration of the handheld device at work. When your treatment is done, a soothing gel will be applied to your skin. Your skin will be red following your treatment for a short time and you will feel some discomfort that is similar to a sunburn. Your amount of sessions and wait time in between is similar to Fraxel laser treatments. 

What Can You Do to Make Your Results Last After Treatments? 

Once you have completed your treatment sessions, you are going to want to do anything you can to make your results last. Make sun protection a priority. You can find daily moisturizers that include sunscreen. You can also perform a regular cleansing routine that nourishes your skin. Stay hydrated. This is beneficial for your skin, as well as your entire body. You can also invest in skin care products that target areas of your skin that need it most. Iridesse products, such as Day Brilliance, Night Care, and Eye Love It, can help you to nourish your skin. You'll give it the attention it deserves. After healthy skin has resulted from your treatments, the right products can give your skin exactly what it needs. 

Iridesse has been created by Dr. Hillelson, a plastic surgeon who understands exactly what works to promote healthy skin. Her experience and expertise have played a role in developing products that stimulate optimal collagen production. They also trigger elastin production. It means firmer, more youthful skin for you when you use these products as instructed. If you have taken the time to have Fraxel or microneedling treatments, making wise choices in skin care products can help you to get the most out of your investment. 

Talk to Dr. Hillelson About Fraxel, Microneedling, and More Today If you are serious about treating issues with the skin on your face in order to improve its texture or appearance, set up a consultation with Ruth L. Hillelson, MD. She has made cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery her field of expertise.

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