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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is how I plan my first solo backpacking trip to Japan!

I wanted to write about this for the longest time... my first solo backpacking trip to Japan last Christmas & New Year because it was my first time trip travelling alone. I was thrilled, have so much fun and glad I finally achieved one of my personal bucket list!
I always wanted to do so but always wondering would I be able to do... who is going to take my pictures, will I be bored because I'm all alone... 

Well let me tell you ... You will meet plenty of awesome travelers who will help you to take pictures. I still keep in touch with these awesome backpacker I met along my trip! 

I bought Yi Camera action camera just before I went to Japan so that I can take wide angle selfie) and you get to meet a lot of new friends when you are travelling alone! Traveling with your friends and partner are fun but travelling alone makes you learn about yourself more and the experiences are really rewarding. Though almost 8 months have passed, it is amazing how like yesterday it seems in my memory! 

All thanks to the lucky draw I won at the AirAsia media event (thank you AirAsia!!) I got myself a round trip ticket to Sapporo. I have actually been to Sapporo few year back and I traveled with bullet train from Tokyo to Sapporo during winter but I did not manage to visit a lot of places.... So this time around I picked Christmas season to travel to Japan since AirAsia allowed me to redeem my ticket even on peak season.... yay I wanted to experience White Christmas in Japan! 

So a few of my friends have asked me what do I plan or prepare before I go for my solo backpacking in Japan?

Well here are some my travel checklist before I depart for my solo backpacking trip to Japan.

1) I only booked for 1 night stay in Sapporo because I have not plan for others night. I booked Social Hostel 365 paid ¥3,000 (about RM118/night) as it's highly recommended by my friend Sherrie who have stayed there earlier on . 
Very cosy and nice hostel to stay in Sapporo! Highly recommended!
I noticed that it's cheaper to book via compared to their website. A very decent hostel to stay actually... more reviews on this hostel later ya! 

2) Since I am going to travel in Japan for 12 days, I decided to get 14 days Unlimited Japan Railway pass from Japan Travel Bureau (JTB) located in  Amoda building.  I paid about RM 1716 , it's not cheap at all I know but transportation fee in Japan not cheap either ( one way train fee from Sapporo to Tokyo cost about  ¥27k which is about RM1k). I personally like to travel with train in Japan so convenient and flexible to move around within 14 days with (from North to South and East to West!) Now they also have a sales counter in Isetan KLCC now.

3) I bought data sim from Sakura Mobile ; paid for ¥5,940 (about RM210) for 11 days usage of LTE DATA SIM 3GB together with express shipping to my hostel so that I can use when I check in. Although Japan is really an advance country but there are still a lot of places which don't offer free wifi and I need data to check and plan my trip on-to-go. 

My trusted data storage systems! 

4) Make sure I installed my mobile phone with My Cloud app so that I can sync and backup all my photos to personal Western Digital My Cloud Mirror at home when I travel in Japan. I could conveniently search and backup all my pictures easily via my My Cloud App.

You know one of the worst nightmare one can have ...losing our precious travel pictures when  camera got stolen, memory card got corrupted etc. Plus my family in my hometown was able to view all my travel pictures in My Cloud with the access I gave to them :)

5) I have researched roughly where I wanted to go for my winter trip and one of my highly recommend site is because they have really extensive travel guides  also forums to ask questions (which is super helpful!!). I was lucky to fond out a lot of places of interest are closed during New Year from the website because apparently to the Japanese, New Year is one of their most important celebration. Didn't waste my time & effort to travel these places to find out they are closed. 

6) I used Hyperdia to plan all your trip schedule ; they provide very comprehensive timetable of their railway and flight service within Japan. You will be able to know which stations, platforms and trains to get on in this . I installed their mobile app and it's super fantastic, I can just swipe and check on their timetable to decide on my next destination. A must have mobile application if you are travelling in Japan on your own!

7) Lonely planet book is good to have but mobile applications are always better! These are mobile applications I have all the time with me; super useful when I'm travelling. Besides, AirAsia apps for me to do mobile check in, I have used accommodation booking apps like Agoda, and Expedia. For me apps like Tripadvisor & XE Currency converter is a must have for traveler lah... can do quick check on places of interest, reviews of accommodation and do quick currency conversion.

8) Last but not least ; the most important of my travel plan is to get proper attire for my winter holiday. Since this a winter holiday, I need to make sure I layer my clothing appropriately to make sure you keep warm. I am not sure about you, but I felt it's pretty hard to know what to wear during winter holiday because we are not used to it. So this is what I have learnt about dressing appropriately for winter holiday in Japan where temperature fluctuates between -10 Celsius to 3 Celsius. Bear in mind, wind is pretty strong and it was snowing in Japan during Christmas ..

For Body : 1st layer I wore Uniqlo HeatTech followed by Uniqlo Fleece Top or Cotton Long Sleeves Shirt and Uniqlo Fleece Jacket (as I easily get cold, I wore another fleece jacket lol) and most outer layer Down Jacket as windbreaker (best to a long one that can cover your thighs too!). Best to wear few layers, so you can remove the necessary layers when you enter indoors. And it's better to buy Uniqlo from Japan because it's so much cheaper and have more choices! In New Chitose Airport  (Sapporo airport) itself, there is a big Uniqlo outlet for you to purchase your clothing! 

For Pants :  I wore Uniqlo HeatTech Legging before I wore my jeans...for better protection against the wind, wear windbreaker pants.  

For socks, hat and gloves : Remembered to get wool socks or Uniqlo HeatTech socks or hat to keep yourself warm. The last time you want frostbite! I would personally prefer leather gloves over wool gloves because they are water resistant.

Let me share some of my personal experience about picking shoes for my winter holiday.... I hope you can learn a thing or two!

For shoes : Ideally wear winter boots which are waterproof with wool insulation inside. But to be honest, those winter boots selling in Malaysia are not only expensive, bulky but it's ugly (old fashioned). Hence would strongly suggest you to buy from Japan. Price ranges from RM50 to few hundreds depends on the quality and brand, but definitely more choice for you to pick!

I wore this cheap boots I bought from online to Japan. It's okay to walk on ice (slippery okay!!) but not on snow because it's not a waterproof boots. I remembered how my socks are wet and my feet are cold when I walked on snow! Ewwww...

You can travel with sports shoes during winter but bear in mind, it would be slippery when you walk on ice, hence best to get ice grip for your shoes or boots. It's easier to walk. I got this from online. You also can also buy this from Japan convenient store.

After a while, the bottom of my boot is coming off... So I need to buy new shoes! 

I bought this super comfy boots from ABC Mart in Sapporo station. As this is not really 100% waterproof,  I bought and apply waterproof spray on this boots for better protection. I think I paid about RM237. A good winter boots makes your walking on snow and ice easier...

Here are all the 8 tips I can remembered so far, I will add in more tips along the way if I can remembered more. And if you have not try solo backpacking, you should consider Japan as one of the option. Japan is a great country to do solo backpacking for female traveler because the country is safe, people are nice, transportation network is extensive and lots of other female backpackers you will meet along the way! 

That's all for now, I will continue my solo backpacking story in Japan for my next posts :)

 Hope you enjoy my story & tips so far! 

Leave me a comment, if you have any questions, I will try my best to answer you :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AirAsiaGo Grand Sale Secret Promo Code!

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As for those who have existing flight bookings and are looking for hotel stay, key in the special promo code of ‘AAGO8’ to get an additional 8% off on accommodation. All bookings will be valid for the travel period from 1 September 2015 till 30 June 2016.

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For more info,  visit for further information.

p/s: If want to enjoy cashback from AirAsiaGo booking, don't forget to sign up with ShopBack Malaysia here to receive cashback with every booking made!

A collage picture of my recent awesome Sri Lanka's trip!!!

Let me a comment if you want to see more pictures :D 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Top 5 reasons why you should celebrate Songkran Festival in Hatyai!

Have you heard of Songkran festival or better known as water festival?

Songkran Festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year's Day from 13 to 15 April and it's their national public holiday. The tradition of water pouring is meant as a symbol of washing away all of their sins and bad luck, and one cannot get angry when someone pour water on them.

I always wanted to experience Songkran festival and this year finally I made it, thanks to AirAsia for flying us to Hat Yai! Hat Yai is located southern of Thailand and it's near Malaysia (Bukit Kayu Hitam) boarder and it's fourth largest city in Thailand. Personally I have been there for many years and it feels like home when I got there.

So when I got back many asked me what should they expect and do for Songkran Festival and hence I decided to write this about it.

Things to prepare for Songkran Festival

Your weapon of course! We got this water gun from Hat Yai at 350baht (RM37) if I remembered correctly. There are many kinds of water gun, some has really cute Hello Kitty design. My advice is go for the one that has the maximum capacity of water, reason being you are preparing for a "water war" tedious to keep looking for place to refill your water gun. 

Note : If you decide to bring back your water gun, please check in this in your luggage or it would be confiscated if you try to hand carry this on board. I guess because of the container can fill more than 100ml hence you cannot bring this on board. 

If you decide to bring your handphone along to Songkran Festival, please make sure it's water resistant like my Sony Z3 or well protected with a waterproof pouch..I'm thankful that my handphone is waterproof and can take picture during the water war.

Waterproof bag or drybag 
This is super important lah, keep your money & mobile phone in waterproof pouch because you will get wet (it's more like you will get drenched) from head to toe. There will be a lot of people selling at the Songkran festival but always come prepare lah because you actually will get wet the moment you walk on the street.

Protective Eye wear 

I never thought protective eye wear would be that important. I tell you why because a lot of people will be spraying around and water will get into your eyes until you can't open your eyes. I bought this at 50baht (RM5.40) from a roadside stall.

We are in Hat Yai on the eve of Songkran Festival and the celebration has already started that night itself! 
Okay check out my OOTD lah.. recommend girls to wear black top because you will get wet and wear light material pants so that it will dry up quickly.

Eazy, Shannon, me & Khai all prepare to go for water war :D 

AirAsia organised a stage that night. There are DJ spinning music all day long with a lot of activities going on stage. So damn happening lah! 

Those AirAsia staff on stage busy entertaining us with water and all the audience happily accepting it like like blessing *good lah wash away all the bad luck*

I remembered my some Thai girls put some cooling powder paste to put on my face when they walk pass me... apparently also one of the tradition during Songkran Festival.. 

I think they made the cooling paste with prickly heat cooling powder

No matter young or old, all of them has water gun on their hand... this little boy damn mischievous... he literally chase me and spray me :P 

And I have to counter attack him..with my water gun..

There are water station on the roadside during the festival for you to refill. But there are people who rent the whole water tank for their own use. 

Now you see why I tell you to get higher capacity water gun because it's troublesome to find free water station.

Damn crowded ...and happening

So nice of AirAsia to give out prizes to lucky winners.... haha I also want to win flight tickets

There are concert everywhere during Songkran Festival eve. 

First time watching Muay Thai competition on street. 

Some even go to the extend of renting vehicle and have their water tank in car... fuiyoh..

Some of them fill up their tank with ice and it's super chilling water when they spray on you..very notty right!
I never knew how crazy and fun is Songkran Festival until I experienced it. Everyone suddenly become like little kids running around spraying water on each other... SO SO FUN because it's Thai new year and no one can get angry when water was being sprayed on them :D

So some asked me why want to celebrate Songkran Festival in Hat Yai, well this is my reason why. 

1) It's the biggest city in Southern Thailand and one of the nearest city to Malaysia boarder. So means everyone at the Southern region will gather in Hat Yai to celebrate Songkran Festival together.

It's very near to KL, with only about 1h 10mins flight from KLIA2 to Hat Yai International Airport. AirAsia flies 10x weekly to Hat Yai from Kuala Lumpur.  Hat Yai is one of the main hub in Southern Thailand, hence it's easy to get transit flight to Hat Yai via Don Mueang with 9x Daily flights.

2) Very easy to communicate with Thais in Hat Yai because they can speak fluent English, Malay, Mandarin and some even can speak Hokkien. That's why I said it feel like home in Hat Yai... no need to worry about language barrier! 

3) FOOD - I love Thai Food. What so unique in Hat Yai is there are plenty Chinese & Muslim Thai food too. They are cheap and good. 

And of of the must try in Hat Yai is Chinese dim sum. It's has huge varieties of choices and only 18 baht (RM1.90) per basket . Must try dim sum restaurant in Hat Yai - highly recommending Chokdee Dim Sum Restaurant

4) After celebrating Songkran Festival in Hat Yai, there are a lot of nearby places of interest that one can visit. One should not miss the famous statue in Thailand which is the Golden Mermaid in Songkla.

Hat Yai also has their own floating market. Klonghae Floating Market is the only floating market at the southern of Thailand. Opens on Friday to Sunday from 3pm to 9pm. Most of them are selling local food. We took tuk tuk here about 100baht for return trip from city. 

5) In Hat Yai besides Thai Baht, you can also pay in Malaysian ringgit if you don't have enough Thai Baht. How convenient right? This shows that there are a lot of Malaysian tourists visitting Hat Yai until Malaysian Ringgit is widely accepted there.

Most important just prepare to have FUN FUN FUN lah! It's an unforgettable experience for me. You got to experience Songkran Festival yourself to know how FUN is it!

And with the coming AirAsia Travel Fair in Paradigm mall happening over this weekends (29 - 31 May 2015) offering 20% off all flights tickets, you should go and book tickets to enjoy Songkran Festival in Hatyai next year lah! I'm planning mine trips too, so hope to see you all there!

To find out more about AirAsia flights to Hat Yai, please visit
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