Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phuket I am missing u badly....

I have been to a FEW (not many though) places for the last few years, the one place I wish to be there right now is Phuket, Thailand. If there is only one word to describe it , it's FANTASTIC! Clean beachs, fine sand, blue seas, goodlooking babes and hunks on beach plus the Thai food is super super yummy!!! Look at the pictures and tell me how can u NOT love Phuket?

Here are some of the pictures of Phi Phi Island.. I am loving it !!

Blue, green, crystal clear water...

Saw it on the way to Phang Nga (James Bond) Island... tour guide told us the dolphin stuck at the wall of the cave.. I wonder how it got up there!

Breathtaking !!!! U cant possibility tell me you don't like this !


On the way in the boat, saw this !! What the hell this look like one ?

Some caves , for fisherman to take a nap

The entrance to Phi Phi Island..

I just love how clear the water is there...
Tell me again, you dont like this place ?

Some of my favorite pictures...

I miss Phuket badly.... At this moment, I need the sun, the beach and the sand badly and the beach boys of course...


  1. yah ... nice rite.. but never bring me that ... ><

  2. Wow you jetsetting, globe-trotting girl! Since I've been shopping a lot, I have no moolah for holidays, boo-hoo~ and I've never been to Phuket, boo-hoo some more~

    BTW, that manhood look alike rock? LOL!!!


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