Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dog is like Human too!

Day 1 : 10 Days No Shopping Challenge

Since I cant talk about shopping promotion and sales due to the commitment to the 10 Day No Shopping Challenge! Let me commit myself to my pledge in doing all my backlog post...

I saw this dog 2 weeks ago in Ampang while I was on the way for Ampang Yong Tau Fu. From far, this dog looked as if it is pregnant with something.....

Upon closer inspection by using my camera to zoom, I think the dog has tumor growth in his stomach probably... This is so sad, because I saw him walking really slow which might be due to this growth might be heavier than his actual weight. When we (human) feel pain, we can go and see doctor ourselves. What about this dog are tumor on his body which likely cancerous , and if this is a street dog, who will take care of them ?Probably this is a abandoned dog or street dog, but does he/she deserve a lesser treatment and right to live like human ? Dog is like human, they do feel sad, happy and pain especially if he/she having cancerous growth nowww.... I was thinking to call SPCA however the dog keep running away and away.. I don't dare to take it up, worry later the cancer burst or something and he/she will die straight away -_-! So maybe the DOG are enjoying his/her last few days or months of his life.....Hope he will survived... and this weekends I am going back to see if the dog is still around.. I will call SPCA this time around

I was trying get near the dog to see , however the dog avoid and running away (in a slow motion) I am so sad to see this ! Because I don't want this to happen to my Bebe and others less fortunate animals as well such as Cat and Buaya !!!!

Say hello my super cute and notty Bebe ! He is a detective , if you don't know why, click here to see why. My dog is totally like a human being except he barks rather than speaks, he is very smart and he loves nasi lemak with sambal as his breakfast! He will do anything for potato chips!!!


  1. what the..why suddenly I am also "animal" category in this post!

    btw seems like a growth or something like u say and it will be costly to bring to the vet. Bring to PAWS or SPCA? call them.. n show them this pic, give location.

    Maybe they can help.

  2. I agree with you dogs is like human too! Poor dog hope they able to help it.

  3. Miu : Cos you are so adorable mah !!! This weekends I'm going that area see if the poor dog is there again, then called SPCA.

    T.H : My Dog got emo 1 somemore.. Haha....

  4. I got so sad reading about the dog. If you find the dog again, please call SPCA or Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better so they can help the dog out :( The dog deserves to be treated.

  5. i am so sad to see the dog in this condition.

    If u see it again, pls call the SPCA so that it can be put out of its suffering quickly. From the size of the tumour, i dont think it can be saved anymore, poor thing.


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