Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stage Burlesque Ball Holiday Collection 2009

Late last month, just after the Stage Burlesque Ball Holiday Collection 2009 was released I have the opportunity to have a makeover from this gorgeous collection! And I totally in love it , the colours are pigmented, vibrant and no eyeshadow premier was needed!

And when looking at this collection I cant help to stop thinking about Gossip Girls rather than the Moulin Rouge !!

Who don't love to watch Gossip Girls here!

Stage Burlesque Ball 5-color Eyeshadow Palette in Scandal (RM135 each)

  • Metallic Violet silver
  • Satin plum
  • Shimmery peach
  • Satin pale pink
  • Metallic pearl white

p/s: Put on these and you will have a scandalous affair with Stage in Manhattan City !

Stage Burlesque Ball 5-color Eyeshadow Palette in Gossip (RM135 each)

  • Satin matte indigo with a hint of black
  • Satin matte purple with a hint of black
  • Shimmery charcoal grey
  • Glittery espresso brown
  • Satin matte white

p/s : Put on this and you will become like Blair & Serena in Gossip girls!

A must have pre-makeover picture

Some of the products used in the making...

My makeup artist of the day Pink in Midvalley's Stage.. she is such a cutie!


Pink used Stage Burlesque Ball 5-color Eyeshadow Palette in Gossip for my eyes !

p/s: Don't gossip gossip here ah .......

Done !!

p/s: I love the Gossip Palette as it can be used to create smoky eyes and the colour really paid off well here............

Stage is having a Holiday Sale from 21st November 2009 - 3rd January 2010 offering 15% storewide*. Unfortunately, the the 15% discount is not applicable for new arrivals such as The Burlesque Ball Collection.


  1. hi jess ^.^
    stage is having a warehouse sales this weekend (4/12-6/12)... wanna join?

  2. julo : where where ? let me know .. email me ah !

  3. wao... you r so excited ^.^
    Hav a look here

  4. Thank you darling juli !!! Wah so far........sighhhhh

  5. looks like stage is such an exciting makeup to have in a makeup stash !

  6. Nice colour on your eyes. Mystical blue. Love it!

  7. Girl with Glasses : Yes they do !!!And most importantly the price is afforable and colours paid off well :)

    Beauty Guru : Thanks !!! I like this too !!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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