Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review: Stila Silk Shimmer Gloss in Kitten

Another blue Tuesday , therefore I am going to share a yummylicious review going to share with you girls ,I have dig our more of my stuffs nowadays for review purposes...and this is a bling bling post..
Stila's new silk shimmer gloss in kitten delivers that golden pink shine to the lips that we all have come to love. The silk proteins make for smooth, moisture-rich wear, while ultra-fine pearl shimmer provides that signature stila shine. Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E, this lip-loving formula is bound to become the next cult classic.

Stila Silk Shimmer Gloss in Kitten

It comes with a wand brush applicator, very easy to apply :D

Did you see the diamond shimmering dusts on my lips?

This lipgloss was applied on my nude lips and it gave me a slightly nude/light pinkish colour and vanilla scent vanilla scent... that so yummy that you want to eat it up!

Even Sasa's decided to be my model to try out the bling bling lipgloss!!!

Don't you this is so sexylicious !!!


My say

Pros :
1) This lipgloss is super bling-able ! You can see the shimmering dusts blinging on your lips
2) Non-stickyness
2) And its very suitable to apply for your nude makeup look.
3) For those who loves vanilla , who definately loves this!

1) Not long lasting enough..(Maybe I eat it up?)
2) No longer available at the market already !
3) I must confess I am not a fan of vanilla scent, too sweet for me!

Star Rating


  1. Your lips so sexy after applying it!
    I never have chance to get stilla product..I was not into make-up when stilla still in malaysia..sob..

  2. the lips look sexy and I am tempted to get the item from the counter;ha

  3. eh, you also got love shape lip ! sexy lovely little lips u have


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