Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review : Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Ornament Red

I bought this lipstick during Laneige Spring Ornament roadshow in Midvalley last month. I am going to put this to try if this is as good as my HG Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Hot Pink !

As extracted from their website.

Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick
From Spring Ornament 2010 Collection(Limited Edition)
Size : 4g
Price : RM65
Description: Intense colored-lips stick that easily glides on giving defined lips
Colour : R19 Ornament Red

A red color lip stick with matte texture, enchanting your lips with the pure red hue

Instruction on How To Use from website

1. Draw lip line with lip liner.

2. Gently apply on lips from inner part to outer. For delicate expression apply with LANEIGE lip brush.

It's super super super red like red cherry on first glides but I like it !

However its a bit drying compare to Laneige Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Hot Pink which is more moisturizing and smooth. Therefore I need some vaseline on top on the lipstick after that.

In order to make the colour of the lips more acceptance (i.e to go on street) , I only applied a very thin layer at the centre of my lips and then blend towards the rest part of my lips.

My bleeding lips !

No doubts the colour of the lipstick is very intense however its a bit drying. But this can be solved by putting some vaseline on top. And to be honest, this is my first time putting on real red cherry lipstick which I always thought wont be suitable for me, but after putting it on , I kinda like this red !This reminds me of Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge feeling !

My Rating

p/s : I am giving 4 stars because the colour is so intense that I think this lipstick can last me for years ! However because its a little bit drying in texture therefore it do not deserve the 5 stars!


  1. thats a pretty red color =)

    what i want to try from laneige is the strawberry yogurt mask.

  2. hi darling ^^
    check out this one ^^

    I think you should really enter this one ^^ and that is my favorite blog too ^^

  3. Jing : Yes indeed very sexy red ! The laneige strawberry yogurt mask is very nice but my skin is too dry to use it.

    Yjia:Thank you ya darling !

  4. That's such a gorgeous red color.

    I am so glad i bought this Red instead of the pink too.


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