Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review : Loreal Luxury Warehouse Sale 2010

I was there around 8 something this morning, the queue was very long but not so long compare to last year. Was not feeling well the night before, so was kinda late to queue up.

But lucky Nicole and her lovely husband were there to queue up since 7.30am.

This is the queue at 9.15am

On the left side is the people with VIP passes , they went in earlier at 9.30am and the public was only allowed to go in at 10am sharp.

Just before we are allowed to go in , we are asked to fill up our particular by GME ( the newly appointed management to handle the warehouse sales). At first I am quite spectical abut filling up the forms, however upon further enquiry this was meant for their database key in. So that in the future if there is any warehouse sale, they will email to us.

Note : As usual those with handbag the management will tied up their handbag in a plastic bag before they allow us to go in.

This time around, we can see there is am increase of price in Lancome and Biotherm. And good thing is most of their products are pretty new in their manufacturing date.

I was looking around Kiehl's and there were was not in the sale!!!

Below are my haul!

Details up later, need go catch my much deprieved sleep already !

To be continued


  1. nice meeting u and ur friend in loreal luxury warehse with my sister sitting aside and u and ur friend hv sharing good shopping experience with us..tks fo i can browse and shopping

  2. j3nny9irL

    aiyooo you know I bought 2 wrong gel liner la... it's actually a brow liner. I dunno what to do with it now. I din see you go everywhere and take pic lah! You took my bf pic hahahha :P hahahah I was there at 8:15am!

  3. O__o the prices are soooo good!! shu uemura and biotherm are my favorites. shame no warehouse sales here~~ xx

  4. wow!! it's great! biotherm is my favorite. i dont want to miss again. can u inform me for the next event? plss...
    my email is:


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