Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shu Uemura Spring & Summer Morphorium Collection for 2011

Introducing the latest Shu Uemura Spring & Summer collection for 2011!

For Spring/Summer 2011, shu uemura artistic director Kakuyasu Uchiide creates a mode make-up with unseen colors and iridescence, that frees women and takes you to the mystique beauty of tropical rainforest.

Metamorphose with the mesmerizing glory of nature, as if a mysterious morpho butterfly was landing softly onto your shoulder…

This is so gorgeous !!! Absolute stunningggg!!!!

Quench your curiosity as you discover the natural beauty of wild plants, birds, and insects.

132nd shu uemura mode make-up for 2011 Spring/Summer invites you to the world of untouched treasure in a deep, tropical jungle, where creatures posses alluring beauty and dynamic colors of astounding hues and dazzling iridescence.

Inspired by the extraordinary blue morpho butterfly, shu uemura introduces a collection of breathtakingly luxuriant tones in dramatic polychromatic shimmers.

Discover mysterious and untouched treasures of the wilderness, and experience metamorphosis through nature’s glory.

Eye & cheek palettes

A captivating expression intrigues with the splendid beauty of nature. Clear, glittery shine combined with deep, luxuriant hues. Explore a terrain of sublime nature for unbridled, enticing beauty.

Morphorium blue palette

Transform your eyes with the fascinating, vibrant hues of blue morpho butterflies for a wild and mystic beauty.

Morphorium blue palette - My favorite perfect combination of turquoise & purple eyeshadow!!
(p/s: Do you see similarity of color with Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia's turquoise eyeshadow)

Combination of vivid blue and rich purple evokes the mysterious reflection of butterfly wings. Hint of delicate sparkle with fresh green and a pure pink blush color highlights alluring and joyful expression.

Sunset gold palette

Feel the luxurious, calm atomosphere of warm sunlight, the sublime power of nature.

Sunset gold palette

Warm, sunset tones in bronze and brown on the eyelids with cheerful peach and rosy hues on the cheeks create an elegant silhouette , evoking a fertile forest and enchanting wildlife. A touch of shimmering white highlights a sophisticated, earthy spirit

Peacock partial eyelashes

Easy-to-use, partial eyelashes with soft, smooth, and fine hairs. Create a romantic gaze with the combination of forest green and deep purple.

Create an exotic, enchanting gaze as if emerging from an exotic paradise!

Shine mystique eye color

Extraordinary shine inspired by the mysterious morpho butterfly wings. The first and new "Metamorphose pearls" in loose powder type eye color creates an outstanding “color-traveling”
effect for ultra-luminous reflection.

aqua green
A vivid ocean blue and deep emerald-green reflection that matches the morphorium blue palette. Delight in a tropical atmosphere! Contains “metamorphose pearls”.

The new-generation iridescent pearls create extraordinary shine, as if wings of the mysterious morpho butterfly have landed on the eyelid.

Shine mystique eye color - aqua green -I love green!!!

A vivid ocean blue and deep emerald-green reflection that matches the morphorium blue palette. Delight in a tropical atmosphere! Contains “metamorphose pearls”.

Shine mystique eye color - Ivy gold

A deep ivy green and warm bronze reflection best matches with the sunset gold palette. Explore the splendor of nature in the exotic forest. Contains “metamorphose pearls”.

Shine mystique eye color - khaki silver

An olive, khaki and silver reflection that can be teamed with various eye shadow shades. Play with earthy colors and feel the power of nature.

Makeup Variations that suggested by Shu Uemura

The Shu Uemura Spring & Summer Morphorium Collection for 2011 looks very fresh and perfect for summer& spring ! The collection is now available at all counters according to the information and I would like to do a swatch on it to see if its pigmented like in the picture and hope to see it's as pigmented as previous collection. From the picture, looks like there is some similarity of color in the Sunset Gold palette with the previous collection .

Shine mystique eye color looks very beautiful and pigmented for all 3 colors, cant wait to try it !!!

Would expect the above collection price is almost same with the previous collection. Price shall be updated here once its confirmed.

Above pictures and details are obtained from Shu Uemura's Malaysia facebook here


  1. Nice post! I've been looking for a blog post about their latest collection. I'm planning to post it in my blog after my Honeysuckle as 2011 Color of the Yearpost.

    Thanks, Jess!

  2. Nice collections....but i can't buy them! Sad. Thanks for sharing

  3. wow...cool eyes shadow..how wish to get one if the price is ok. :p

  4. Lovely collection , i loved Morphorium blue palette


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