Saturday, November 26, 2011

My haul from Branded Fashion Clearance up to 80% off from Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and DIVA

I just came back few hours from Branded Fashion Clearance organised by DNP Clothing, where Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and DIVA are on WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE!!!!

Minimum discount is 50% & its up to 80% !

I was told this warehouse sale was last organised 5 years ago and now they are having it again! And must tell you guys that it is crazy, plenty of choice, colours and size!!!
I went there around 5pm where the queue was lesser and not that pack compare to the morning where I saw from Fahrenhiet88 facebook that the queue is crazy even before it is opened! It is located at LG1 but you need to queue infront of Shogun before you are allowed to go downstair to shop!

Advice : Bring small clutch or purse if possible, as bigger bags will be sealed in plastic bags

So let see my haul, well I only buy Dorothy Perkins !

Dorothy Perkins Red Mesh Emboidary Tunisia Dress in Red

NP : RM 196
70% OFF
NOW : RM58.80

Love the lace details on top

Dorothy Perkins Rust Spot Woven Dress in Brown

NP : RM229
60% OFF
NOW : RM91.60

Dorothy Perkins Red Ditsy Woven Dress
70% OFF
NOW : RM68.70

Perfect Chinese New Year dress!!!

Dorothy Perkins Flowerpot Print Dress

70% OFF

Cute right the printing!

Dorothy Perkins CML V Full Skirt Dress

80% OFF
NOW: RM41.80

I got a similar dress in grey which I bought in full price -.-!!!

Dorothy Perkins Cropped Gilet

70% OFF
NOW: RM44.70

Been looking for a vest like this !!! And this is really a STEAL.. Love this !

Dorothy Perkins Chiffon blouse

70% OFF
NOW: RM50.70

This chiffon blouse is my favourite purchase from my haul this time, been planning to get this for a while but always cant find the right size and colour!

Topshop Patent Lock Handbag/Slingbag

61% OFF

Like like this !!!!

DIVA necklace
NP: RM53
NOW : RM10

So here is all my haul, I was there for 2.5hours and already burned hole in my pocket ! Lucky there were fitting rooms and I managed to try all my dress before I decide to buy them (need queue a bit- as only got probably 6 fitting rooms I think) !

So do go early, the sale will be on now till Sunday ! Good thing is that parking at Fahrenheit88 for weekends is RM5/flatrate for whole day!


Note : Today they stopped the public from entering the warehouse sale by 6.30pm although they closed at 8pm, so do go early (they open at 11am) to avoid disappointment.

p/s: And was a bit sad that I do not have Citibank credit card or else got extra 10% off and got priority land to make payment somemore! But still happy with my haul.... and wondering whether should I go back to see see ...

This is the Best Branded Clothing Warehouse Sale that I ever been too, clothes are all in good quality and got fitting room somemore!!

Oh did I mentioned my heart so pain when I see those dress that I just bought in full price 1-2 weeks back now is 50% or 70% off... *shakes head*


  1. EH SO NICE LA! Why all the super nice sales come when I'm broke =.=

  2. Babe must go and buy!!! Once every 5 years I think!!! Got some dress RM30 only,but dont have my size!!!

  3. passing by today during lunch.. too crowded i gave up queuing but seems like i missed out a lot eh?? >.<

  4. god damn... as u knw i got citibank card!
    BUt im back frm ipoh today ard 4pm..and today Sat.. dont think ill be able to get any!
    somemore my size...

  5. My sister also bought the Dorothy Perkins CML V Full Skirt Dress but seems even cheaper.. coz additional 10%


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