Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil in Rich Oil formula - Finally get to say Bye Bye to my bad hair days!

How often you wake up and realised that you have a bad hair day ?

I have that almost everyday, all thanks to my constant effort of beautifying my hair by perming, colouring, highlighting and even bleaching! I learnt my lesson hard and now I am more careful and dilligent in taking care of my hair! As much as I like how my hair is permed and coloured I am now more concered about what hair products I used and are suitable for my hair conditions.

Back in February I was given L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil (for all hair types) to try and I was skeptical to use it at first because hair oil like Liese and other few brands never seems to work on me, and it usually gives you this greasy & heavy feeling after you apply it and not really helping the hair that much. But once I tried this Mythic Oil, I was or I am in love with it and there is no turning back because despite it being an oil it felt so light on my hair and it makes my hair feel so smooth and manage to keep my frizzy hair at bay! And now I know why 3 Mythic Oil products sold every minute worldwide!

So I was quite excited to try out another 3 different formulas of Mythic Oil when I was given for review and they are are L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil in Milk, Rich Oil and Colour Glow Oil and each of these targets different hair types and concerns.

My current hair condition : Dry, frizzy, lacks of shine, unruly and tangling hair

And looking at my hair concern I decided to try L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil- Rich Oil first which comes in transparent plastic bottle. Anyway I read that L'oreal Professional introduced new Mythic blow-dry services, inspired by ancient beauty traditions, passed through time and filled with Oriental indulgence. If you have used any other hair oil before, you will realised that we can only used it after you have blow dry your hair and not before that! But Mythic Oil can be used before or after we blow dry our hair and it is for different results!

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil- Rich Oil has the richest nourishment formula among all, it has consists of taming and anti-frizz effect.

The two key ingredients that are being used here are:-
Rice Bran Oil : intensely moisturises and replenishes unruly hair for restored sleekness

Argan Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and essetial fatty acids, Argan Oil deeply nourishes rebellious hair.

Looking for the lists of ingredients, they are not only FREE from paraben, silicone and mineral oil ! And it is made in Spain.

Comes in pump dispenser, only one pump is needed!

Texture : Rich & clear colour oil

Scent : Very pleasant scent

Usage Tips to see different results:-

Pre-Blow Hair Dry Constructor : Essential preparation for Mythic Oil Blow-dry and Oriental Odyssey services. Apply one pump after you towel hair dry your hair and before you blow dry your hair.

Finishing Touch & Sparker : Increases shine, suppleness and softness with long-lasting anti-frizz protection. Apply another one pump after your blow dry your hair or style them, apply at the tip of your hairs with your fingers for final touch.

Review of L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil- Rich Oil : I only pumped out 1 pump and warmed my hands before using it. I combed through my hair with the oil on my hand and not touching the scalp area. After that I felt that my hair absorb the Mythic Oil -Rich Oil like within a minute. I then continued blow dry my hair and when I am finished I applied another pump of it to my hair tip with my fingers just for final touch. Once again it absorb pretty fast and leaving my hair tips not feeling oily. I combed it through and it is smooth and actually help to detangle my hair. I really like how it fees light and does not weight down my hair while keeping my frizzy hair at bay. I have discovered that I did not have any splits ends at all since I started using them even though I just recently korean permed my hair two months ago. And I think my hair looked more shiny and manageable. And compared with the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil original formula for all hair types, this Rich Oil formula is thicker and richer and gives better moisture to my hair and more suitable for my current hair condition!

I like it when I applied this the night before after I showered, my next day morning hair was soft and so easy to comb through!

I like how I can comb through my hair with my fingers!

No more bad hair day anymore! YAY!

I am endorsing my approval and really recommending this L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil - Rich Oil to all of you who have damaged & unruly hair. It makes my life hair so much easier, seriously! Trust me when I said good, it's really good!

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil - Rich Oil is selling at RM75 for 125ml at L'oreal authorised hair salons.

p/s The other 2 formulas such as Milk & Colour Glow Oil review will be posted seperately soon because this Rich Oil formula deserved its own review post!


  1. Ohh! your hair looks so pretty and soft! I think i'm gonna try this Mythic Oil, thanks for the review Jessying!

  2. superb review....I always hunt for anti frizz products coz I am not blessed with grt hairs :(
    Will surely try this !!!
    Thanks hunn

  3. Wow I seriously like this..the price is kinda much but if it works I would definitely try it. Can't wait to read the other 2 reviews. Your hair looks amazing after using it. And I love your red lace (?) top in the first picture :D


  4. really got different! :o dnt mind to give it a try :D

  5. Huish... I think this will photoshop my hair abit.

  6. I really need to try this!
    Thanks for the review and for the ingredients list!
    (btw, Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethiconol are silicones.)


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