Friday, September 14, 2012

I have met Prince William and Kate Middleton in KLCC Park, Malaysia

 Presenting to you Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton in Malaysia! They are on nine-day tour in Asia on behalf of the Queen for official Diamond Jubilee tour! Malaysia is their second country as their visit in Singapore few days ago! They will be in Malaysia from 13-16 September 2012

Well just this morning I with a few hours sleep, I dragged myself out of bed to go to KLCC Park to meet Tianchad & Michelle together we know that we cannot miss the life time opportunity to see Prince William from near!

 So this is me getting ready to see Prince William Phillip Louis (such a long name right!)

 The crowds. 
The crowd were that big as I expected to be!

 This guy one of the organising personnel gave us Malaysian flags for free, so that we all should wave our flags to welcome Prince William & Kate Middleton in KLCC Park!

 Malaysian flag

 Ladies in malay tradition costumes!

We thought got some kinda of dancing performance but end up they just stand there doing nothing!

This guy I think is from British High Commission trying to bring up the atmosphere by asking the crowd to cheer ! And that was at 10.30am and he said another 5 minutes the royal couple will arrived , come on keep cheering !

 Just right before our eyes! A group of man wearing malay costumes walked in and everyone was cheering!

 And my Prince William , Duke of Cambridge appeared in KLCC Park for public viewing, I was stunned for a moment!!!!!

He was looking so good just like what I have imagined and thought he would be for the past 20 years!  No secret of me being his biggest friends among my friends during school days!  However most of the people I have met came to see Duchess Cathering rather than Prince Charming William, they said they like her fashion sense!
Prince William was wearing his usual formal attire, while Kate Middleton wore an elegant white knee-length dress by Beulah London. The collar itself looks like our Malay traditional dress Baju Kurung.
  Duchess Catherine has neat bun to display her earrings! 

 Kate Middleton Beulah London Sabitri Dress, very simple & elegant!

Kate was wearing her favourite LK Bennett nude pumps again!

 I gotta to be honest Prince William looked more handsome than his photos found online! His look has not changed much actually! I still remembered how cute he looked during Princess Diana's funeral in 1997! 

So sad to see Prince William & Kate Middleton walked passed up and didnt manage to have a handshake over whatever! *depressed*

 Suddenly out of no where don't know where all these people appeared!
 On our right side are those lucky people to managed to have handshake with them!

As I was trying to walk to the other side to see what happened, found irreponsible parents throwing their baby stoller on the floor!

 Even our Malaysian flags also being dumped on the floor!

 The crowd move according to where these Royal Couple walked. And everyone was trying to snap a memorable pics of them!

 After almost an half an hour walk, they are taking their buggy ride back!

 Up close with  Presenting to you Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton! Smiling so sweetly together! Picture courtesy of Tian Chad!

Goodbye my William, finally I see you after 20 years! I was glad to see you before you become the King of England one day!

 Met a group of students from an International school in KL was cheering so loudy with their props! 

Met a group of ladies that were celebrating with champagne in Chinoz after meeting the royal couple! So I also took an opportunity to take pic with them!

 Found Bernama posting Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton) wearing a scarf when she entered the mosque earlier this morning! Kinda match her dress! Good to know Kate Middleton removed her heels too before entering the mosque as a sense of respect!

 So I'm glad I finally went to meet Prince William this morning! It will be an unforgetable moment for me because my dream came true! Awwww.... I wonder when will Prince William come again!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge official Diamond Jubilee tour schedule
 Singapore 11-13 September 2012
Malaysia 13-16 September 2012
Solomon Islands 16-18 September 2012
Tuvalu 18-19 September 2012

Tomorrow 15 September, Prince William and her wife Kate Middleton will fly in Sabah to go deep into the rainforests of Danum Valley. Here they will learn about the conservation efforts of the Royal Society, of which the Duke is a Fellow and Sabah is the home to some of the last remaining areas of virgin tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia.

So for more updates on Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, follow British High Commission official website, twitter & facebook

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  1. I am so jealous... not because you met Prince William. But because you met Kate! OMGosh. And they're going to Sabah too. And here I am at JB. So far... lol.

    Happy Friday, Jess!

  2. wah.. seriously you went ehehe... goood la! good pics too!

    me no go klcc far leh.. son need fetch.

    1. yay! wow so actually a lot of ppl are a big fan of royal couple but cant go bcos work etc

  3. Yay we did made our way to meet William and Kate ;p Kate is very pretty la haha

  4. You got nice pictures too! And it's a good decision that we made it there! YAY!

    1. Haha was trying hard to take pics .. not easy right! next time we bring longer lens okay

  5. It's really a memorable experience for you as you had a chance to meet Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! I like Kate Middleton's fashion sense, it's seriously elegant and classy!

    1. Yes indeed i think once a life time experience, I never thought I could meet them in Malaysia!!! Thats why all my life dreaming to go Uk to see William.

  6. sorry,i'm goggling about the couple and found your blog.glad to know ur experienced...hehe.i'm the one of the crowded people and have a splendid moment to handshake with both of them..there really humble and kate say hye to me and smile..i'm really excited just right now...=)

    1. Hi Fizzo! You are so so so so lucky!!!! we are at the front rail but no luck cos they didnt come over too many police surrounding them already! I am guessing you not washing your hands tonight eh?

    2. sad that i need to wash my still shaking u know...i just can't imagine how closed both with just 10 inch only..even kate perfume i can smell burberry!!i'm story to all my friend and they got jealous with me either..haha..first i stop at front rail when they ride the car..i have no luck stay there,so i run at the walkway...not to crowded there and that the moment i shakehand with them..after they past,i move to other front of model.sad that because kate only talking with models and just looking at people once a while..but whatever..i just can't believe that moment...xoxo

  7. ahhhh!!! they really look like the prince and princess from the disney series.... so perfect! =)

  8. Envy nia, why I was working and you got to see the prince. me jellyyyyyy

    1. Ah I know! but at least you got pictures for you to see right :x

    2. more than enough :D. But prince William doesn't change a bit. Except for his hair.............

  9. Hey~ I was there too! :D
    Just like Mr. Fizzo up there, I was googling pictures of them and stumbled on your blog too, hehe. Didn't get to shake Kate's hand though, even when she was right in front of me... But there was this Indian aunty who kissed Kate's engagement ring though!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for dropping by! Wow that Indian aunty so daring and she is going to be lucky for her rest of her life! How I wish if William & Kate walked slowly and shake all our hands! *dreaming*


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