Friday, November 9, 2012

Redeem Sekkisei Basic Skin Care Trial Set worth RM167 from now o

In conjunction with Kose Malaysia 40th anniversary, they are giving away Kose Sekkisei Basic Skin Care Trial Set from 8th  - 15th November 2012 in their facebook fanspage.

Kose is giving away Sekkisei Basic Skin Care Trial Set which consists of Sekkisei Lotion 100ml & Emulsion70ml worth RM167. 

This is a really generous sampling program by Kose and a great chance for you guys to try out Kose Sekkisei products. In fact I have been using their Sekkisei Lotion in my daily regime for more than a year *when I am not trying new skincare range* and it works really well on me!

Key in all the information and remember to select the redemption outlet. It is available nationwide

After your registration is done, you will received an email from Kose. You will need to print out the email & bring along NRIC to redeem the trial set from your selected Kose counter from 21st November - 2nd December 2012. 

To redeem the FREE Sekkisei Basic Skin Care Trial Set, you must like their page first before you click on this link HERE to key in your information to redeem the trial set!


  1. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to try them out :)

  2. I will definitely try Kose Sekkisei products because it’s really good products.

  3. Registered dy but everywhere oso no more stock.. how lah? :(

  4. KOSE sux- mislead people no intention to give free trial

  5. isnt 21th only redeem? cos saw ppl commented tat thy register n redeem d products dy at kose fb. @@ kinda confused.

    1. Yes redemption starts 21th and i think many people are confused.


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