Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Found Samsung Galaxy Note II in my favourite pink colour!

Exactly 2 years ago today, I saw the most beautiful pink colour in my life.. which is the colour of cherry blossom/sakura flower in Osaka Japan!

 The colour is so sweet and mesmerizing...that I just can't stop admiring it! And this is me in Osaka Japan, exactly 2 years back when my hair is still long!

And I was telling myself how I wish smartphone company will produce phone in this light pink colour rather than just the basic white and black colour! And that is actually the real reason why I have got any new phone yet... cos I am actually waiting to get my perfect pink phone!

Just like how we got a variety of choices of colour when comes to beauty items, I just wish ... smartphone will come in my favourite pink shade! 

And just like when I'm wearing pink clothes, I hope I could have a pink smartphone to match my clothing... Ah... yes I'm trying to be fashionable!

And I guess Samsung has heard my calling and actually came up Samsung Galaxy Note II in light pink which is similar to the colour of cherry blossom flower! Awwww.....and I just fell in love at my first sight!

I quickly ran to Samsung store in Mid Valley to check them out! 

Ah do you see I'm wearing a pink top...to check out a pink phone... such a coincident :P

Super love this pink colour because it is the exact pink shade (cherry blossom pink colour) that I long to have... Ah looking at this Samsung Galaxy Note II in pink .. it has just brought back my unforgetable memory when I first saw cherry blossom blomming right infront of my eyes! And I keep playing & posing with it until don't want to let go.... and wanted to smuggle it home (BUT cannot later police put me in jail >.< )

 Ah I think I look prettier when I looked inside the camera... because it is a pink phone!!!
Between this 2 colour, definitely suits me more... because it makes me feel more girlish and sweet! Most importantly it actually matches what I wear ..and yes I do have a lot of pink clothing !!

Samsung Galaxy Note II in Pink is a limited edition one and comes in limited quantity.... currently selling at RM2299! Last check, Samsung store in MV still have 10 units left!!!  

 Awwwww....this Samsung Galaxy Note II in pink is just too pretty not to own!!!

Oh before I forgot, if you want to know Samsung Galaxy Note II feature, you can always check it at their website here . Ah I think I need to start saving money now (quick!) to get this lovely Samsung Galaxy Note II in Pink because I don't have saving from young like our Kak Ros.... hahaha >.<

And if you need more info, do visit 


  1. The pink color really looks cute. This weekend is "Cheng Meng" or all souls day, otherwise I'ld go check it out!

    1. Ah... pink makes everything looks cute & pretty! U should check it out soon and ask hubby to buy for u as Mother's Day present...on behalf of ur kids :P

  2. This pink is cute too....but I still prefer the Martian Pink shade **which unfortunately not available in Msia yet --this sucks** lol...

    1. babe this colour is the martian pink colour that is launched in korea :)


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