Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Future Music Festival Asia Pre-Party at Rootz Club KL

Another 3 days and the Future Music Festival Asia 2013 in Sepang, oh I just cant wait for this! just looked at the list of artists performing!

Just last weekend we already started celebrating it at the FMFA Pre-Party at Rootz Club, Lot 10!

All thanks to Asahi, as they are the official sponsor for the event. Asahi Beer Japan's No.1 Karakuchi beer with no bitterness and and we have free flow so you can guess how awesome is it to kanpai all the times with friends!

This guy must be high, thats why he looked up high up! 

It was a great night because we have the great friends, music and beer in our hands! Hence lots of pictures!!!

Samantha & myself

The girls (L-R) - myself, Samantha, Joanna, Yuki, Karmun & Zana

Myself, Joanna & Samantha

Daryl  & Xiangcool (ya he is quite cool cos he can cook & bake)

Me & 2 good looking boys, both available for grab! (Email me for contact.. hahaha )

Although his blog name is xiangcool but he fail to look cool .. end up looking funny!

Something going on between Xiangcool & Nathalie

The lovey dovey couple, Karmun & Aris

Something going on there, Samuel & unknown ladies in RED pump!

Ahemm....The 2 S - Samantha and Samuel

Asahi beer or Samantha?

Xiang & Don ( the man behind Manoah Consultancy) and thanks to him I'm going to FMFA 2013!!!! And not forgetting ASAHI for making this happenning... I still can't believe it that I'm going!

At that event, there is a contest held by Vespa which involves you taking a photo of yourself with the FMFA Vesta Scooter and then hash tag it with #vespaxfmfa to stands a chance to win passes to the festival and 1 of 4 Vespa’s on FMFA day itself!!! How cool is that!

That's me & the vespa scotter... hehe definitely to have one in KL... can say bye bye to traffic jam!
Oh well... don't you feel like partying now.? Wait no more, go grab your tickets now at http://www.futuremusicfestival.asia/tickets/


p/s:My sis & brother have bought tickets when the tickets was first released.. so we gonna party together.. oh yahhhh! 

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