Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I got Hercules to send my groceries home! Special promotion for readers!

I have been shopping in Tesco Malaysia Ampang branch ever since I moved to Cheras few years ago. Though I enjoyed shopping there because it was spacious but seriously it was overcrowded and difficult to find parking especially on weekends.  

On weekday crowd are lesser but then my boyfriend is working and he could not go with me, which means I got no Hercules to carry my shopping bags! Even I got the time & energy to go and carry those shopping bags home.. I cannot help but not to think how bad the security nowadays in Malaysia.  

So end up I only got to shop with my boyfriend once a week for our groceries . I only can buy few days food supplies if I am cooking at home because fresh vegetables don’t last too many days.

When I knew Tesco Malaysia is launching online shopping at their website, I was really happy because it would do doorstep delivery!

 Looked really simple, only 5 steps for my shopping stuffs to be sent to my doorstep!

So I hop on to their website to check them out, first thing on my mind whether my area was covered in their delivery route. Checked , my area was covered!

 Next of course to register an account with Tesco Malaysia website at eshop.tesco.com.my

There are wide range of products to choose from all nicely put in different categories.

I even found that the price in the website is the same as in the store, including promotion items and it also show when promotion period will end!  YAY… thumb up for that because I was worried I might miss their in store promotion if I shop online! Also I can Collect Tesco Clubcard points, same as in store!

It was pretty simple to do shopping at the website and in fact I could actually plan my spending… because each item I added into the cart would be shown on the right tab. 

In total I picked up 21 items, in my list I need to replenish our toilet papers, fabric softener, drinks & biscuits. I did picked some green vegetables too.   

Personally I think when I was shopping at the supermarket itself, I always end up forgetting my shopping list and sometimes overspend my budget because I only get to know the total price of my shopping cart at the cashier. 
There are delivery slots available in 2-hour delivery windows. These are available from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Each delivery slot has a maximum capacity, so place you order well in advance to guarantee the slot you want. I read that we can order our shopping up to 3 weeks in advance…wow! Can plan everything ahead!

You just need to pay RM10 delivery fee for everything to be delivered to your doorstep!

 Once I picked the delivery slot, it is reserved for 2 hours. And even it confirmed, I still can edit/change or cancel my order anytime until 23:00 on the day before it is due to be delivered!    

If you see above I have picked delivery time between 8-10pm and then I realized the next morning that night my boyfriend wanted to go for a movie so I try my luck calling their customer service at 1300-13-1313 and asked for a change of time. The customer service agent who picked up the call was really polite & told me he would call me back within 10 mins. And yes he called back and told me he has re-arrange and my shopping stuffs would be sent in the afternoon around 2-4pm instead! Thumb up for being so efficient and professional in handling my request though it was really last minute.

 At around 3pm, Tesco Malaysia van arrived at my home. Very punctual!

2 Hercules from Tesco Malaysia sent my shopping… while the princess me sit at home and wait for them to arrive!

They actually brought everything in my house and I just need to stand there enjoy watching! Aiks… car porch area is in a mess right now as renovation is on going after house was broke in last week!

Tesco staff explained to me that some of the items are out of stock and they brought subtitute alternative brand for me to pick where I can choose to accept or reject. 

 It is kinda cool to see that Tesco Malaysia staff brought the portable credit card paying device! So convenient!

Do note that only card payment is acceptable (be it credit card or debit card) as long it is Visa or Master issued by banks in Malaysia. I am pretty okay with this because I prefer payment by card as I think it is troublesome to pay using cash & of course for safety reason too I don’t carry too much cash in my purse nowadays!

This is my shopping haul from Tesco online store! Those in blue are frozen/chill products (for eg hotdogs).

Wahaha I picked a lot of heavy stuffs to be delivered to my house, watermelon, fabric softer and packet & bottle drinks! Fuiyoh…. sweat when I was moving all these to the kitchen! Lucky it was just few steps away!

Overall I like the grocerry online shopping concept because so convenient and Tesco does carry a lot of brands for consumers to choose. And this kind of service is perfect for anyone and if you are a pregnant lady or if you have old grandparents at home or if you are living in an apartment, where carrying those grocerry using stairs is a hell! I knew it because I stayed in an apartment before and I hate doing grocerry shopping everytime because got to walk up the apartment carrying those bags. Now with just RM10 delivery fee , we shop online, Tesco Malaysia deliver it to our doorstep!

Not only I had experience myself Tesco Online shopping, good news is Tesco is giving my readers special promotion so that you too can enjoy the shopping experience like me! Each readers will get RM10 rebate upon RM50 spend with Tesco Online ( key in the discount code : CHTP101M)

Enjoy shopping ya !  

For more info visit, eshop.tesco.com.my


  1. i used tesco a few times d, very efficient, best for buying heavy stuff!


  2. good thing is that we can choose a lot of brands were we can buy on online store in the internet

  3. Well,I actually didn't know that tesco provide such delivery service to doorstep.what a convenient one!


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