Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My house was broken into last Sunday !

 My house was being broken into last Sunday when we were out, neighbour went back to their hometown for holidays..The thief climbed in from the roof and we lost 2 laptop, handphone, watches and some jewelry...

I am so sad because all my pictures especially the photos from my recent trip to Thailand was gone and those events pictures which I took and most have been edited ...waiting to be post is now gone.. I guess I only can post those that I managed to save on the draft :(

Although we have reported to police, apparently more than 5 house was broken within this month and we really suspect the renovation guy at our neighbour house because the thief knew the house structure so well.

Yes I had a dog at home but the thief climbed in from the roof opening so now we are starting renovation to close it and put an extra layer of protection...

Thanks to my sister, she offered her laptop to me so that I could do my work and thanks to those who leave me a consoling messages in the facebook too..

Now I sleep in fear every night.... Take care everyone, keep yourself safe!


  1. Poor thing, hopefully the money that the burglar got is to feed his dying wife and sick children instead of using it for drugs... be positive ok? Take care

  2. sorry to hear that..but the important is that you and your family are safe..:) material things can earn back later..


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