Friday, August 2, 2013

Share Some Love, Rent a Hope ! Give yourself & the dogs a HOPE tomorrow!

Always wanted to have a dog as pet but do not have the chance to own it? Well tomorrow you have a chance to be a dog owner by donating RM20 to SPCA Selangor, Malaysia and get to walk or play with a dog in the park for 20 minutes!

Rent for Hope
Date: 3rd August 2013 (Sat)
Location: Central Park Avenue, One Utama
Time: 3.00pm to 6.00pm

 This is one of the first to embark from a series of adoption drive that will help SPCA to rehome about 130 dogs and 60 cats in order for the renovation and construction of a brand new ECO SPCA Centre, which will kick start in 30 days from now.

Rent for Hope give everyone an opportunity to understand and get to know the dogs before adopting and potential “parents” will be able to see and play with the dogs and see if they are ready to adopt the dogs.

SPCA and their volunteers will be around to guide and advise potential adopters who wishes to adopt any of the dogs. You can speak to any SPCA staff and volunteers to see if you are ready to be a “parents” and what is required to be a responsible pet owner or you can just get to know the dogs, bring them for a walk – you never know, you might be walking away with a companion of your lifetime, a furry friend for yourself.

It's really awesome to awesome to own a dog! Everyday when I arrived home tired, my dog Bebe would come & make me laugh! 

Join tomorrow and give you or the dogs a HOPE tomorrow! 

For more info, visit SPCA facebook here

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