Friday, October 25, 2013

I love my purchase of Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender from eBay!

Well I have been looking for a multi-purpose blender set for fruit juice, food processer and etc for quite some time. And now that my house which is almost done with renovations & I'm sure I would be a more active in my kitchen to make my own meals, so I went to check out in eBay to check out the Home Product & Appliances sections. Seriously there are so many types of blenders that are available in eBay... and it took me quite a while to choose!

I also found out that recently Bay has implemented to the new interface is a feature called Feed on eBay Malaysia’s homepage that matches products on eBay’s inventory from both local and oversea merchants based on our  interests or habits when we are shopping at eBay. Additionally, we are also able the Feed with their own interests, brands and trends. So it's easier to navigate to shop around in now.
Finally I found a multi-purpose blender set which I have looking for (something which is very similar to what my mum is using at home) except this one got more functions!

This Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender is selling at eBay for RM99 (Normal price is RM449), such a great buy right!!! Most importantly it comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Not just that , it comes with 21 pieces of accessories for multi functions: 
    • 1x juicer (includes plunger & extractor)
    • 1x blender
    • 1x high-torque power base
    • 2x cross & flat stainless steel blades
    • 1x tall cup
    • 1x short cup
    • 2x re-sealable lids
    • 4x colour-coded mugs
    • 4x blender & juicer
    • 1x recipe book
    • 1x shaker
    • 1x steamer
    • 1x user manual

I'm sure a lot of us are worried to buy through online because we are worried to get cheated or the product does not match description etc or worst come to worst the seller runs away with our money! 

Out of so many websites (includes those group buying company) I personally prefer buying it from the eBay because there is feature to show Seller's profile that I could check out before I make the decision to buy.

I was happy to see my seller has 97.8% positive reviews out of 300 products he sold and he has average of 4.5☆. And honestly this is a really good feature in eBay that I appreciate because it felt this is some sort of assurance that the stuffs that I bought through eBay is almost guarantee with his good ratings! 

In less than a week, my parcel arrived in my doorstep which is faster than I was expected & the courier guy is smart in calling me before hand to make sure I'm at home when he delivered my parcel! I was actually quick shocked to see a big box when the courier guy hand it to me!

Thumbs up to the Free shipping service in eBay & good service by the courier company!

And yes this is my Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender, the box comes in excellent conditions! 

And yes I can CHOP, MIX, BLEND, WHIP, GRIND and MORE for less than 10 seconds like a MasterChef with this Magic Bullet! Haha I know why it's named Magic Bullet, not only the shape of the blender is like a bullet but it works like a speed of the bullet ... smart me ah :P

I opened my box and how my blender was nicely arranged and packed with bubble wrap. 

Tadaaaa this is my Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender set, I was really happy with my purchase from eBay as everything comes as I expected! The blenders quality (i.e the blender & containers) are made of good materials and the free shipping service was efficient!

I send  this picture to my mum and she said mine set is really worth and better than hers! I might be getting this for her too since this has more multi-purpose function compared to the one she had at home.

Well I can't wait to start to use this! 

I want to make fresh fruit juice everyday for a healthy start :)

So don't forget to get this Magic Bullet Multi-purpose Blender set at RM99 (with free shipping) for your home, I'm sure this will complete our cooking experience at home! Get this at


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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