Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don't throw your old DVDs and CDs away, sell them at musicMagpie !

With the house renovation works almost finish, I discovered that we have a huge collection of CDs & DVDs at home. Not only it is collecting dust but it is taking a lot of spaces in our cupboard. I can tell you that we no longer use those DVDs or CDs because everything is on digital in our laptop, it's much more convenient and easy accessible. 

As I was tidying up the place, I was tempted to throw them away but it is such a pity because they are still in good conditions and I do not know how to give out too until I came across this website musicMagpie.com

Honestly I have stopped buying DVDs or CDs for a while ever since I started watchin movie online & download songs over the web..so much more cost efficient :DOh Now that I realized that I can sell online my unwanted DVD, CDs, Games & Blu-Rays with musicMagpie.... I am happy that there are still some people would find them as treasure & I could earn some money from there :)

In case you wonder who are the buyers, they are usually the collectors ...Yes..speaking of.one man's trash is another man's treasure !

It's pretty simple to use, because you just need to enter the barcodes of your unwanted items into the valuation engine above and get an instant price! Alternatively, you can scan the barcode of your DVDs using your webcam, or download our FREE musicMagpie app and turn your iPhone or iPad into a quick and easy barcode scanner. 

musicMagpie used Check payment therefore there's no need to enter any bank details on their website (very secure), all we have to do is enter our name and address, then just send them our items for FREE. Once they have received our items they will send us a check :) Very simple right ?

Well I'm more happy than not to sell away all these unwanted DVDs or CDs because not only I could make a little extra money but I really want to clear out my cupboard & make way for other stuffs. So if you have a lot of unwanted CDs & DVDs ... don't throw but sell them away ya :) 

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