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Swatch & Review : L'occitane Sublime Essence and L'ocittane Sublime Beauty Cream

I been having this for quite some time and finally I got time to do a full review on this 2 items i.e L'occitane Iris Angelica Sublime Essence and  L'occitane Sublime Beauty Cream SPF30. 

Both these products are under L'occitane Angelica, where it's a hydrating range. Angelica is an exceptional plant that grows incredibly fast due to its hydration capabilities. L'occitane has placed the amazing Angelica plant at the heart of a complete face care range to intensely rehydrate and revitalise the skin. Both Angelica essential oil and angelica water, which help restore the skin's natural beauty, have been used in their face care collection. L'occitane Angelica collection has a complete skincare range from facial cleansers, toner, scrub, hydrating moisturisers, skin perfector treatments and sunblock. And to be honest, I quite like this range especially their cleanser, toner and mask and I love the freshly cut grass scent! 

L'occitane Sublime Essence - RM195 for 30ml 

L'occitane Sublime Essence is a  silicone-free skin-perfecting serum which is made with organic extracts from two angelic flowers: white iris and angelica. A symbol of pure beauty, the velvety and luminous white iris offers its powers of sublimation. Known for its incredible hydrating properties, angelica gives the skin vitality. It enhances the natural beauty of all women’s skin by acting at the heart of epidermal cells. 

Its unique ultra-velvety texture helps to correct six skin irregulaties: 

1. Skin's texture is visibly smoothed and refined 
2. Pores look instantly tightened 
3. Redness and blemishes appear reduced 
4. Complexion is more radiant and even-toned 
5. Skin is hydrated and plumped 
6. Skin touch is ultra soft and velvety 

This patented, silicone-free formula serum promises to leave skin looking and feeling sublime.

Texture : Smooth velvet texture that absorb into the skin within second 

Scent : Light floral 

Review of L'occitane Sublime Essence texture is really lovely, very velvety and smooth. And because of this texture it gives an immediate effect of smoothening on the skin's texture and I felt my pores appeared smaller. And yes this sounds like one of ours skin perfecting primer with silicon.  But this is not the case here, because L'occitane Sublime Essence does not contains silicone! 

Although the texture was lovely, my skin did not feel much different with this serum and felt not moist enough to be used alone with moisturiser. Hence I prefer to top up another layer of treatment serum before sealing it with a layer of moisturer. I felt that this essence is targeted at young people with not much skin's problem and if you want an essence for maintenance purposes, well this is a good one to try. 

Even thought this is an essence but because of the texture I have tried using it as a primer and it works pretty well. And this serum is pretty pricey and I would prefer to invest in a treatment serum that works.

L'ocittane Sublime Beauty Cream (RM135 for 40ml) is a do-it-all BB Cream that cares, refines and protects for a flawless finish.

The Sublime Beauty Cream is made with a patented combination of two angelic flowers: white iris and angelica. A symbol of pure beauty, the velvety and luminous white iris offers its powers of sublimation. Known for its incredible hydrating properties, angelica gives the skin vitality. Organic extracts from these two flowers leave skin looking and feeling perfect.

Offering all the benefits of a moisturizer and foundation, this BB cream does it all: 

- Gives the complexion a fresh, natural and even look 
- Visibly reduces the look of pores, redness and blemishes and pores 
- Hydrates and smoothes the skin 
- Provides SPF 30 sun protection 

Available in 2 shades: Light and Medium. 

Remember must always shake before using because this Sublime Beauty Cream consists of essence. And in the even if you don't shake before using you will see the product is separated from the oil.

The texture is thick and creamy and has light floral scent.

Review of L'occitane Sublime Beauty Cream  

L'occitane Sublime Beauty Cream is a BB cream, not sure why L'ocittane want to named it as Beauty Cream instead. When I first found out that this is a BB cream, I did not have much expectation on this because I am not a big fan of BB cream at all. Usually BB cream in the market comes in one universal shade and it's often too fair for skin or appear greyish. L'occitane Sublime Beauty Cream comes in two shades i.e light and medium and was surprised when I found that their medium shade suits me perfectly! 

A quick look at the picture above, I felt that L'occitane Sublime Beauty Cream works like a magic wand that gives my skin a beautifying effect like in photoshop. Maybe that's why it's named as Beauty Cream not Blemish Balm cream.

What I like most is that the coverage is pretty good considering this is a BB cream and not a foundation, it covers my pores, redness nicely and gives an immediate radiant effect.The coverage can be build up depending how much you use the product.

L'occitane Sublime Beauty Cream feel comfortable on my skin as it keep my skin feeling supple. It stays for a few good hours before fading off slowly. Although this comes with SPF30, I would still suggest you to put on a layer of sunblock and I usually had SPF50 before going out.

I realised this L'ocittane Sublime Beauty Cream has become my beauty staple on weekends as usually I want to let my face to rest from foundation. I love how this BB cream is so easy to blend and the coverage is pretty decent too that I could forgo my concealer. Definitely will be picking this up when I ran out of this tube! 

L'occitane Sublime Essence (RM195 for 30ml) and L'ocittane Sublime Beauty Cream (RM135 for 40ml) are available in all L'ocittane stores nationwide 

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